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OKAY so this guy (m14,E) was in a relationship with (f14,ES) 

things are goin okay then their friend i'll call (a) also f14 

brakes up with (aa) m14 

now everyone is friends w each other but not (aa) and (e) (first guy)

theres been this thing between them so idrk 

people start telling (e) that (es) has been seen holding (aa)s hand 

and like walking and holding hands, now (es) tried to play it off as just being friendly

in the past (e) and (aa) have had some tension, being (aa) wanting to fight (e) 

during that (es) took (aa) side (last year btw before es started dating e) 

earlier this year (aa) trys to fight (e) again and during all this (e) and (es) are dating,

(es) doesnt take (e) side, now what was iit about? idk supposedly standing up for (a) after her brake up with (aa).

now during all this (es) doesnt talk to (a) 

quick jump to now

(es) and (e) broke up and (es) is still what seems like purrsuing (a),

in a bigger plot twist aa would text (j)(j is m14)

and spread things about e that werent true

now (j )is dating (b) (b is f14) 

they have been dating since early last year

now (j) is friends with (w) (w is m14) 

and (w) doesnt like (e) now heres where it all ties in, obviously (w) and (aa) doent like (e)

and the only way (w) is finding out info on this whole thing is (j) and (aa)

cause aa wont talk to e and the same for w, now whats come out is j is telling w whats happing because aa is telling j

i think aa told w that j was on e side 

and mange to find aaway to twist it into something to where his gf (b) would brake up with him 

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