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More abt me bc there ain't enough space for my bs

So as it already said in my about me on my profile, my name is Bobby!

I use that name irl, but I have another one that I more commonly go by that I'm not putting here. I chose my username because an old friend told me I acted like Bobby Worst from the BRCU but like with general morals. That made me happy lol I love Bobby Worst.

I use any pronouns except she/her. They usually make me feel gross, but on good days it's kind of just indifference. So please don't use them. Not sure what my gender is, idrc what people think I am as long as they don't use she/her.

I'm like a really big fan of Brandon Rogers and Helluva Boss, and I will probably make a shit ton of references to it when given the opportunity. I really admire anyone who has the confidence to put themself out there and appear to be clinically insane just for people to laugh at them, that takes guts and I wanna do that.

I also love RHPS it's such a horny movie and musical it's just the best.

Also, I have a strange uQuiz obsession so if you ever find one of my quizzes on there, don't judge me- 

Okay, now for some more serious stuff.

If you don't agree with what I'm going to say, please don't friend me.

- Donald Trump is a shitty guy

- Any sort of bigotry to marginalized groups is fucked up

- Slurs aren't okay unless they're reclaimed and you belong to the group that reclaimed it

- Grooming minors (online or irl) is fucked up 

- Bullying people for their interests that aren't harming people is shitty (if their interests are bigoted or hurtful to others that's another thing. Treat them like shit.)

I feel like I shouldn't have to say that, but there are creeps out there.


I curse a decent amount and if you have a problem with that just don't friend me because I'm not going to censor myself, sorry. I'm also ironically cringy. So there's that. I dunno what else to put for warnings here. I guess if you're a transphobe you really won't like me lol.

Okay that's all!

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cass (㇏(•̀ᵥᵥ•́)ノ)

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bryce makes me scream without the s

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