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bass stuff. idk.

hi blog lookeratter-ers. stopped blogging or even being all that active here for like 10 days because nothing i do is REALLY worth blogging about. i mean it never has been but even less so now. but schools ending next week and im getting a bass tomorrow (!!!!!) so im gonna have nothing to do but blog and learn the bass guitar for a few months (unless i get a job which is unlikely) so i might as well blog about learning the bass guitar.

ive been sort of looking into what bass to get but i 1) dont know what my budget is cause my mum wont give a straight answer and 2) am getting put off every bass i get interested in because of bad reviews from somewhere online so ive decided to stop doing that and just wait till i can play see and hold and play them in store before i try and decide you know? it'll be my first bass but i have played a few times in the past on other peoples basses just for fun at their houses or at school so its not like i dont know i want to play bass which means just getting the cheapest one to try out and practice on isnt really something i wanna do. but im not sure if i can convince my mother of that. but it seems the only basses the majority of people online like are ones that are crazy expensive which is a little annoying. current course of action is to just say 'if you never have to buy me any presents ever again till im 18 can i get this guitar?' if i end up on one that's more than 1500. which hopefully i wont but you never know. fenders r fucking expensive. and she knows i can stick to that. because ive done it in the past. so maybe itll work.

im also trying to find the best lessons on like youtube and stuff that i possibly can because i cannot convince my mother to get me lessons and also i dont think id like them. tried getting guitar lessons in year 9 and the teacher just annoyed me and i felt insecure the entire time. theres a music thing at school where i play the ukulele sometimes (an instrument ive been playing on and off since i was 7) but every time the teacher guy asks me to demonstrate something we both know i know how to do for him i freeze up and cant do it. so lessons would probably slow me down. so far theres bass buzz obviously but  im yet to find much else that people i know who play bass think is any good. i currently own an acoustic guitar so ive been trying to better my rhythm in preparation because its really the only thing i can do that wont feel way major different on an electric bass.

i am also trying to figure out what to wear to the guitar store to make me look less like a fall out boy obsessed teenager who just wants to be like pete wentz (despite the fact its a little bit true. although i would say jon walker more than pete wentz but thats unimportant.) because i do in fact care what the guys at the guitar store think about me. but i dont think i own any other band shirts that arent mcr and i ALSO dont want to wear those so the only option is a completely neutral shirt of which i have barely any. but i do have a nice red one my friend gave me the other day so maybe i will wear that.

okay i dont know what catergory to put this in because its half rambling and half actually abt music in any way but i dont really care i think. ok bye

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