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hi again

hi everyone. i havent been on spacehey for about a month now, sorry about that. life has been busy, school work is piling up and i cant seem to have much time to myself where im not just super exhausted. i got a job at baskin robins so thatll be fun! i think im the youngest, there are some other 15 year olds there but i think they are almost 16 or older than me, but idk yet since i havent met them. i will meet them sunday when i begin training. besides that my life has been ok, i still LOVE ROBLOX and i still play regularly (my user is Boris_79 if u wanna add me). roblox is kind of making me angru since they arent giving me my group funds from when ppl buy my shirts and roblox support is not working at all, like i cant even contact them and that can be an issue just incase somethign bad actually does happen like my account gettign taken or me getting stuff taken from me, just stuff like that. that is annoying. ive started making roblox games also  as well. im working on one called Sandy town where its a town in the middle of the desert. its private at THIS moment but it may be public soon so u can all see it :D! also ive made a castle game which is also fun. making games is super fun and i enjoy it. but yeah. i jsut wanted you all to know im not gone i am just busy lol. if you do wanna contact me or talk to me when im not online you can add me on discord at sammy#7772 or you can just do it on roblox lol!1w anyways that is all. i hpe everyone is doing well! cya!

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