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Day 26 & 27 & 28 of Raising a Glass Or Two To Things I've Lost On You

 I am alive. 

Hey :333 did you miss me! 

I did. I missed making entries. Its been three days 😨 and last time i made an entry it was for two days. oof. next time itll be four (HOPEFULLY NOT)

Ill summarize the day 26 and 27 instead of doing the usual stuff since not much happened + itd be waaay to long that way.  :]

This week is the week before finals ;;; busy week + next week is finals! GUH! 

Day 26. I woke up in the afternoon and then went to work! I came home. Lost memory 

Day 27. my memory is still gone who are you where am i 

Woke up early in the morning, I was at work the entire day, took a short nap, then stayed up the whole night working on the project i did on Blender! Did Not Sleep. 

Day 28 Memory is back boys hello :DDDD 

[ Sleep Schedule || Previous Night ] -


[ Socialization ] - 

I did a surprising amount of socialization! I think as long as i go outside i talk to someone yknow? I was on campus today, cause i had a meeting with my groupmates to practice our presentation for tomorrow. I spent the entire time before meeting them touching up on my model. 

M met up with me while I was working on campus, and he gave me two small rubber ducks that they were giving out for free! One of them is bigger than the other, green and has sunglasses. The other is a traditional yellow duck thats tiny and squeaks when you squeeze him. He got some for himself too, but he got some for me since i got excited when he sent them in our group chat :D
Also whenever i am on campus i just end up seeing M. its the way it is, ive come to accept it and its chill i like spending time with him lolol

Usually im the one who buys, pays, and then shares food, but this time bro shared!!! Bro took care of me when i was stressed over the project dfkjgh i really appreciate him uu 

OH I MADE PLANS WITH FRIENDS FROM MIDDLE SCHOOL TOMMORROW BUT, IM GONNA HAVE TO CANCEL CAUSE I FORGOT IM GETTING MY DRIVERS PERMIT TOMORROW. AH! I feel bad because one of them was excited to meet again ;;; I miss her too. This week has been busy and full. 

Anyways, after that i was on the way to the group meeting, i was a bit early, so i saw a table of a club who was doing tarot readings. I dont know why i did it, its another student doing it, the reading didnt resonate too much either, but i was kinda curious and wanted to support this table for some reason. They looked gay. Im gay. I had 5 dollars to spare. Usually tarots are more expensive.

That was interesting, the people were nice but the girl doing my reading just based it off her first perception/impression of me fdjkhdfg she said im “too nice and let others take advantage of my kindness” ….NUH UH! NOT TRUE? Im not saying this to be humble or nothing, i just really dont see those qualities in myself. But whatever, i enjoyed talking to them and giving them something to do. They noticed that i have a little turkish flag on the back of my phone and was like “oh im really into this one turkish song, ___ yknow?” I just nodded my head and was like ahhh yes a single song with a generic name out of maybe millions of turkish songs. I totally know it! But she seemed excited to know Something about turkish people, so I was like ill translate it for you ^^ she was sweet and interesting lolol. i do not remember the song kdfgdg im telling you, the most generic title ever. could be by anyone. 

I dont believe too much in tarots, but i think taking what resonates in anything is good. Something makes you self reflect in a movie? Good. it resonates, it helps you think more about yourself and your development. Tarots are like that, doesnt mean it predicts the future or anything. whatever helps or is entertaining yk!

Then i met up with my group, we get along good, and worked on the presentation!! Afterwards we hangout and spoke for like half an hour, and one of my group members excitedly told me about nail polish and we compared eachothers nail inspo pinterest boards. I noticed i like jelly, glossy, and metallic nails a lot. I told her to send me pics of nails she does whenever she does a new set, and She said she has a hundred nail polishes and asked me to comeover sometime to do our nails. That was nice :D 

Times like this i notice i am a true extrovert, because despite not sleeping in the last 24 hours, i had so much energy from talking to people. This doesnt apply for every day though, sometimes your tiredness exceeds your extrovertness.

[ Art/Creative ] -

I was working on the blender project the past few days!!! And ive gotten a semi good understanding of blender. I dont think id ever learn it on my own time, i was never interested in 3d modeling or anything. BUT NOW I KNOW! Maybe ill make cooler stuff in the future.

[ School Work ] -

I spent the entire day doing schoolwork ahhh

[ Hydration ] - 

I was not well hydrated!!! Help!!! Lived off coffee and energy drinks. We are going back argh.

[ Physical Activity] - 

My physical activity has been so trash since my last entry, i am just running from one place to another, doing the necessary things, and then going to the next place. 

[ Diet ] - 

Not great ;;;

[ New Information/Something New ] -

Mmmmmmmmmmmm blenderrrrr

{ [ Music ] } -

OH spotify wrapped 2023 results came out today!!!!! Maybe ill upload that separately. My top song was Cats by The Living Tombstone played 203 times LOLOL there was a period of time i was using it to keep me in high spirits during the day. 

Also Rule #4 - Fish in a BirdCage by Fish in a Birdcage is good. Very good for imagining characters and going yes yes i love brain rot i love character writing

DOUBLE ALSO Lost On You by LP is SOOO GOOD. my 8th grade english teacher in my religious dormitory school showed it to us, and i loved it immediately. Its been over 4 years and it didnt get old for even a second. Its perfect. 

Something about it feels cowboy-y. I love cowboys. Im gonna be a cowboy. 

{ [ Thoughts ] } -

I miss routine. I think especially for next semester, i need to schedule out a specific routine for myself rather than what the past week has been. Even now, i woke up at 3 AM and im gonna work on the presentation till its time for me to go and present. Then it's permit time.

And routine would allow me to fulfill the daily goals as well. Im even thinking about meal planning. Otherwise i dont have time to make food for myself to have during the day yknow? I need to do it in the beginning and then preserve the food for later days. Aggghhh i honestly feel a bit out of it, but it’s alright, we keep going. I think if i can plan things for the next months ill be okay again. But right now, more schoolwork. 

You’ll see more from me tomorrow!!! hopefully!!! ^^;;; 

Thank you for reading!!! I really appreciate it!!! ^^ goodbye now!!!! Buh bye!!!!! :DDD goodbye!!!!

shimmy shimmy ay shimmy shimmy yay shimmy yaa drank swalalalaa

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LET'S GOO AND YES WE MISSED YOU!!! i thought these blogs were on some kind of season finale lmao but i figured it out that you were busy with school!!

it might be a tarkan song btw :DD lol. some of his songs got popular on tiktok, for some reason! the song was 'öp' maybe??

also, good luck with you permit !!! and schoolwork!!! and... stuff!!!!

[shimmy shimmy ay shimmy ya swallalalala...]

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SEASON FINALE OH NO??? actually i dont know when id end this blog. there is no end goal. hm. maybe i should make end goals. or something. goals are nice, but also thinking about how eventually, like everything else, this coming to an end feels lonely.


thank you thank you :333 i appreciate your kind words a lot!!!!!!!

no bc this was stuck in my head all day. shimmy shimmy ya....

by ISCARIOT; ; Report

it does feel really lonely. but!! i meant it like a break lolol. like, 'a season 2 will come eventually' kind of thing.

LMAO AKSHDJHA some other, generic singer then. hadise maybe?? who knows...

(same, shimmy shimmy ya... it's like a virus... and i'm refusing to listen to the song...)

by deniz; ; Report


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THEY'RE BACK!!! Lesgo! I just wanted to say that when you mentioned that somehow meet your friend everytime you're on campus, I thought about that line from Jojo about how stand users always end up meeting each other or something, I don't remember, it's been years since I've watched Jojo. Anyway, good luck with finals and your permit and whatever else may arise.

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i was wondering where u went but i figured it was school related! good luck on your finals!!

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thank you!!! i will need all the luck!! ;;!!

by ISCARIOT; ; Report