today was shit

Im only gonna tell what i remember cause its currently 11pm and this happend around likd 12 so we were at lunch, theres this table with this girl (her name is mia) and i have a friend there named clarith (these are fake names if u couldnt tell) so a week prior to this, i told mmia to shut up because i was overstimulated, if u didnt know, i get mad and start yelling sometimes when people are talking 2 me while im overstimulated. so we were at lunch (2day) and this bitch was like "Oh, Why are you sitting here if u told me 2 stfu?" I personally only have 2 friends at this school, clarith and elluka. so obiously said "Because theres no more seats" And she said "ok" "but whyd u tell me to stfu?" (I have told her the definition of overstimulated mayny times, this gringa overstimulated me so bad that i had to skip the rest of that class, worst part? we have the same schedule.) I responded "Cause u made me overstimulkated" and this PINCHE PENDEJA HAD THE AUDACITY TO SAY "thats not a valid anwser" LIKE BITCH??? THE FUCK YOU MEAN?? (she claims 2 have adhd 2, but i dont think she does and she jst said that to be "quirky") Anyways, we got 2 class after lunch, and we sat across from eachother, i am not kiddinf when i say this, this puta really side eyed me THE WHOLE CLASS PERIOD.  Extra part, theres this girl in our class named eve, and i called her pookie. and she brought that up in a conversation about overstimulation?? like girlie if i called her pookie i genually like her as a person. i think shes j=homophobis as well so lol (im lesbian, if u didnt know) our school is trans and lgbtq plus friendly so i could jst report her lolll 

luv, nellA-(P?)

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erm dni mia ;-;

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