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man i love stardew valley

oh man i JUST got my adhd meds again and my brain decided to focus on the WRONG thing 😭 just played stardew valley for six hours straight while forgetting to blink. i was just fishing and fishing and fishing because it was winter. i have been struggling to finish the community center because all i need is a pomegranate but i bought my pomegranate tree at the beginning of fall so it didnt bear any fruit before winter. steam says i just hit 223.7 hours but i got this game last year november as a birthday present and then immediately got a 102.9 degree fever and played only that game for like two weeks so at least 50 of those hours are from when i first got the game. i actually havent played it recently, but back when i played it all the time i only listened to Love Me Normally by Will Wood on repeat until I pavlov'd myself into thinking about stardew valley fishing every time i heard that song and then i wrote this fact down as a complaint but i just went through my journal and saw this complaint and i had to listen to that song and play stardew valley again :3

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