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General bullshit rants XP

The pipeline from a regular AFAB person to online transmasc incel is a steep one. I used to be this "model conservative" and now I'm like... Uh what the fuck happened? I drink monster, Communism seems actually fuckin appealing to me, I watch WAY too much hentai for my own good, and I spend way too much time on Reddit. Autism kicks my ass, and so does agoraphobia. But hey, my pale complexion is super killer, matches my fangs perfectly. 

On a diff note, Shooter games, I fuckin love them. I'm looking to get a call of duty game because I played a few others and liked them, so I'm checking out COD for once. Resident evil is my favorite though, love it so so much, the horror and the survival in it are just *chef's kiss* perf.

Anyway, I'm off to go do something, da het


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