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blessings from the bin

In my chemistry class we were supposed to bring in microwave popcorn for a lab. My mom told me to bring it yesterday but I didn't go to school that day. I assumed that was the day we needed popcorn. In english class I sit next to somebody from my table in chemistry, and he was like "oh no I forgot to bring popcorn, I said I would I don't think anybody else at my table brought popcorn" and this other kid who is in those 2 classes was like I don't think anybody at my table brought popcorn either...

Every Wednesday as part of a club I'm in I volunteer to help take out the school recycling. We go door to door getting the bins from each classroom and dumping them in the bigger bin with wheels that we then take to the biggest bin outside. We have to take the non recyclable stuff which is kind of annoying. People put food in the recycling sometimes which is gross, especially when it's like coffee or something and it gets all over everything. In one of the bins we find 2 unopened microwave popcorn bags, still in the plastic seals. The person emptying the bin was like "come on, these were perfectly good" and I was like I'll take them and she was like that's gross and I was like I need them for science and she was like oh ok. I put them in my pocket 

I got to class and none of the people at that other kid's table brought popcorn, so I gave them my extra bag, and told them it came from the recycling. Beggars can't be choosers. It turns out both the bags expired in 2021 but they still popped. We weren't sure about eating it after we popped it. The other table just threw their's away. Apparently it smelled bad. Only one kid at my table ate the expired popcorn. Somebody from another table gave us a plate of their fresh popcorn and I tried both just to compare. The expired tasted better but I'm sure that's just a brand thing. I just looked it up and apparently it's fine to eat expired popcorn as long as the bag was sealed. More of a best by date. 

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