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scott pilgrim vs the wrld ♡

27.11.23 | review: scott pilgrim vs the wrld hello and welcome to my blog
oh my gosh, i just finished watching scott pilgrim vs the wrld the other day n im so fucking amazed... IT'S SO GOOD??? O(≧▽≦)O the music was EVERYTHING n the intergration of pixel graphics + gui 2 make it like the game... genius... no wonder it's in so many ppl's top 5 on letterboxd... definitely a 10/10. literally seen it everywhere n w the new netflix series being over my tl + ramonas ex gf saying 'hasbian' i couldnt help but watch... honestly, if i chose to persue film, this would be my biggest inspiration. the action scenes r done so well.
+ i hve a HUGE crush on ramona and envy... (,,•﹏•,,)
i'm definitely gna check out the game n books bc it seems so cool... also add the ost to my music library xxx...

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how is ur blog SO cute u shud totally make layouts for ppl 2 use! or even take commissions on layouts or something !

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yeah i’d love to do tht but im honestly so busy w college rn… this summer i hope :’D

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