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Friends <3 <3 <3

Does anyone read this thing anyway? lol :p

Idek. I guess I'll post, I'm feeling a bit better this week, still shitty but =) Something feelz different ya know?

This week started with 4 gud friends, ended with 2. Not down 2 me but oh well. I actually gave a s*** about theze ppl and cared but they treated me like crap so y even care now? Ppl can b cruel! D:< 

Some douchebag only wanted me 4 my appearance and never actually wanted me 4 my personality to hang out with so SCREW HIM DUDE!!!  XP Some1 I thought was my friend 4 so long turned out to b a real piece of s***, suprise, suprise. Unfortunatley I'm used to it :( Bcos I told them how I was coping and stuff and they didn't want to even aknowledge that! Like...telling some1 ur depression is kicking ur ass and they turn around and say they don't need ur negativity in their life and that ur "emotionally blackmailing" them for telling them how it is and sticking up for urself about them being a bad friend and never being there when u truly needed them, yeah... okay? >>> 

ANYWAYS! frenz are totally different in a good way after cutting out the toxic ppl. Fake frenz suck but real frenz are loyal! XD <3 My real friends are such amazing ppl and I'm so glad they're here to help me when stuff gets hard! <3 I forever will be grateful (don't know if that's spelt right lol-dyslexia :/) 4 them!

I thought this week would b the death of me but nah, that can wait! lol. I'm happy rn so I'm enjoying this feeling while it lasts ^u^ 


-feeling gud :3

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