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How to get Prettier

I know, it is such a bizarre concept and an eye-catching post to be making. Maybe even controversial. But, these are something's that you can do to get prettier and feel prettier.

Tip 1. Learn your color pallet.

This is a very important tip, If you where something that clashes with your skintone, it is going to make you look washed out and will dull your look. You want to glow. (Unless you are a more gothic styled person, then embrace the dullness. Slay, you shadow queens/kings.)

Finding your color pallet may take some trial and error, but once you find it, you will know. You may also go to someone within that field of knowledge and whom are more precise with it.

Color Analysis is real.

Tip 2. Understand the style you are trying to achieve.

Now, this may contradict what I said previously, but this is for the more stylized fashionistas.

If you are going for a more stylized look, I'd suggest that you take time to study how to do said fashion, unless you have the confidence to be a trendsetter, then by all means. Rock your shit.

Whenever it comes to exaggerated fashion, you want to have an idea as to what you want to achieve and reference from such. This especially applies to people who are look for something new to experiment with. Thrifting is also highly recommended.

Stylized looks are hard to achieve if you don't know what you are doing. REFERENCES AND TUTORIALS ARE YOUR BEST BET.

Tip 3. Know that you don't need super expensive products.

Products come in various prices, styles, are priced strangely and some even have questionable formulas. But this doesn't mean that more expensive products are better.

I'd argue that they do the same as the cheap ones, the main differences being a slight change in the formula or just the fact that it's a big name brand.

Personally, I would suggest going after small businesses that produce make-up. They tend to have less harmful products. But big businesses have good products like Biore. But it all depends on personal preference and what the product does for you. 

Also, an extra tip, while we are still on the topic of skincare. Don't forget to moisturize your skin. It makes a huge difference. Your skin needs hydration just as much as your body (internally obvs).

Tip 4. Know your worth.

As lame as it sounds, confidence is key to success and it couldn't be more than true.

Self-confidence is something that if one doesn't already have, one must learn for yourself. Keep a positive mindset. Don't dwell on others opinions if what you do makes you happy.

Moral of the Story: Take care of yoself, you beautiful specimen <3

And drink water, you filthy animals.

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