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abt me! (+tiny dni)

Heyy my name is Maddox,

(I tend to switch names a lot lol-) 

18 yrs, september 2005 baby :P 

panromantic, aceflux, bigender/transmasc idiot 

dx bpd 


i <3  my boyfriend
(he might be a pain but who cares)

huge nerd (/hj), I have so many interests its concerning

eng/pt, I took like 6 yrs of french & forgot all of it LOL

Main interests are 



Holotempus (ruze/goldbullet/shinri),

Jujutsu Kaisen & Psychology

pls pls pls use tone tags, I fucking suck at figuring out tone in msgs  


basic dni yk don't be a fucking weirdo or a literal racist

(unless I've requested you pls interact with caution)

don't be a dick or a weirdo. 

kaeluc shippers / proshippers / comshippers 

lucas supporters.. like come the fuck on 

honestly any toxic kpop fan, I don't have the energy for that

pls for the love of god, DON'T force a religion on me, I already have enough religious trauma

incels / femcels

transphobes/homophobes, me being a homo isn't gonna kill you

idc about nsfw accounts, just like don't friend me if thats ALL you do

hybrystophiliacs (get therapy honestly)

loli/shota/futa yk all that weird ass shit (vomits)

honestly just don't be a fucking jackass & we'll be fine.

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