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My biggest issue with spacehey....


This site is filled with pseudo-"progressive" liberals who can't even boycott Starbucks or McDonald's because their lazy asses only care if something happens to them....

“The White liberal is the worst enemy to America and the worst enemy to the Black man. Let me first explain what I mean by this White liberal. In America there’s no such thing as Democrats and Republicans anymore. That’s antiquated. In America you have liberals and conservatives. This is what the American political structure boils down to among Whites. The only people who are still living in the past and thinks in terms of “I’m a Democrat” or “I’m a Republican” is the American Negro. He’s the one who runs around bragging about party affiliation and he’s the one who sticks to the Democrat or sticks to the Republican, but White people in America are divided into two groups, liberals and Republicans…or rather, liberals and conservatives. And when you find White people vote in the political picture, they’re not divided in terms of Democrats and Republicans, they’re divided consistently as conservatives and as liberal. The Democrats who are conservative vote with Republicans who are conservative. Democrats who are liberals vote with Republicans who are liberals. You find this in Washington, DC. Now the White liberals aren’t White people who are for independence, who are liberal, who are moral, who are ethical in their thinking, they are just a faction of White people who are jockeying for power the same as the White conservatives are a faction of White people who are jockeying for power. Now they are fighting each other for booty, for power, for prestige and the one who is the football in the game is the Negro. Twenty million Black people in this country are a political football, a political pawn an economic football, an economic pawn, a social football, a social pawn...”
― Malcolm X

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these gosh darn libtards!!! cant handle jack shit... god bless brutha.

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sugarmama 🍉

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It's cause they can't live without Starbucks and McDonald?? Huhh?? The worst part is that there are MUSLIMS that aren't boycotting.. heartless creatures, they should be ashamed and try to face the reality like MAN?? KIDS AND WOMEN ARE DYING WHERE'S YOUR HUMANITY!?!!

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Liberals are fucking annoying...

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