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Coming back to spacehey after 2 years?? (Surprise to me)

I seriously didn’t think it had been that long. I know time tends to pass without me but two years? Hopefully I’ll have the app soon so I’ll be on here more often. 

Coming back to my profile a couple days after my 16th birthday was a surprise to me 😭 I’m so different now. Yet some parts are still the same. 

Idk if I’ll change my layout or smth now. But a want to keep it at least for a little bc of nostalgia. Its a very good layout I just don’t feel like its super ‘me’ right now. Though I’m not very consistent myself. I wish I could just have so many different layouts at once 😭 

So much has changed since then. I’m doing my GCSE mocks, I got diagnosed with autism. Two birthdays have passed. I have so many more cosplays. So many more experiences. 

Anyways heres my insane nostalgia trip 💀 If anyones actually reading this, enjoy :p

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