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What Post-Frontiers Tails could be like

 Heyo all! My name's PositivelyPachi, though you can call me Pachi for short!

I've always been a huge fan of Tails. He's a genius, two-tailed fox with inspiration from one of my favorite yokai ever, kitsunes, in his design! Not only that, but he's a character that I find relatable and dear to my heart. However, his character before Frontiers got some very, very rough treatment, constantly going in all sorts of directions. From his beginnings as a lonely and unfortunately bullied child, to a hero who has found his own strength as his very own hero and self, then suddenly back to being a coward who depends on Sonic and thinks of himself as incapable, Tails' character in the story of Sonic the Hedgehog has been all over the place. Woaaaaaa, my head's spinning!

The Miles 'Tails' Prower in Sonic Frontiers, however, realizes how lacking he has been as not only a hero but as a friend to everyone else. Cowering in fear over the weakest form of Chaos, even though he stood up to Eggman in Station Square all those years ago? Just how inconsistent has he been?

Throughout the experiences he and Sonic share on Chaos Island, Tails wants to become his own hero again, to feel like his own self, and be so strong that he doesn't have to rely on Sonic anymore to save him. With this in mind, he decides to go at it on his own.

"Yeah. This whole experience gave me a kind of clarity. When this is all over... I think I need to go it alone for a while. I can't grow into my full potential if I always fall back on you."

Of course, this gets Sonic feeling a bit sentimental. Tails has been his lil' bro all this time, and he's finally becoming his own person, straying away from always being around Sonic as his very own sidekick. Who wouldn't want to cry tears of joy in that kind of moment? With a smile, Sonic wishes him luck to become his very own hero, teasing each other along the way as always. They've always been bros after all, and that will never change.

Ever since Tails was treated this way in Sonic Frontiers, I've had nothing but thoughts in my head about what we could see next of him. Maybe a Tails' Adventure Sequel focusing on Tails becoming his very own self, no longer the fox he once was, heading towards his very own adventure once more? Maybe some cool new ideas and concepts we've never seen Tails have before? Maybe some neat little upgrades too? Hell, maybe even a whole design change! That's what we'll be discussing here and more, so I hope you enjoy my now-organized ideas for Miles 'Tails' Prower!

This blog is an organized version of my Tails Headcanons & Concepts document with all my thoughts in an attempted-to-be-organized matter with what's in there so far. I hope you enjoy reading my ideas, and feel free to let me know if you have any of your own! (Creds to the layout go to solace/kelsey :3 ! )

1.) Desktop Companion

Like how Sage is to Eggman, what if Tails had a computer companion of his own? Not really exactly how Sage is, but as your standard, lovable stress relieving Shimeji? Or just your standard Desktop Pet in general?

Well, this is the very first idea I had in my mind for Tails! This new buddy would be a little Desktop companion that accompanies him throughout all of the devices he has, including his Miles Electric! It lives inside them, is put to sleep when all devices are shut off, and can freely travel through any of them with ease. They can't really fully project outside of them though and have a body of its own, and when shown outside any of the devices Tails' has, it's simply your standard hologram. It also works as an extra hand for Tails whenever he needs it.

Appearance wise? I was thinking it could look like a flicky! If not a flicky though, the companion's design could also have huge appearance similarities to Cosmo from Sonic X. Maybe even straight up just a tech redesign of Cosmo herself.

2.) Newfound Combat Abilities

Tails has so much potential when it comes to tech! Machine enhancements, making a full-on mecha, all kinds of bombs and ranged weapons, there's so much you can do with Tails when it comes to that kind of stuff too!

With those thoughts in mind, in comes these thoughts: What if Tails' tail tips worked as weapons? Using them not only as a quick attack maneuver but as a way to inflict bunches of cuts on enemies?

I thought it would be cool if Tails had little upgrades to his body, like how Nine has in Sonic Prime, but not as extreme. His tails work as separate daggers now, both causing some nice cuts with their tips if aligned well enough! It's a good way to deal more damage to enemies.

This thought that I decided to include in my mess of headcanons mainly came from a fanfic by the name of Miles' Zero Quest! It's a super cool fic centering Tails that is the author's own take on Tails' Adventure! Check it out, it's a long one, but a super fun read! (yes this is a shameless plug I love this fanfic)

Alongside these ideas, however, comes with bringing back his Energy Cannon from Sonic Battle. AKA, his MegaMan cannon. I absolutely love this weapon Tails has, and I'm sad that it hasn't been seen since. Maybe make it work hand and hand with chaos emerald energy, such energy boosting its strength and making him have even stronger blasts with it! Since he's made a fake Chaos Emerald before, Tails can definitely use that as the Energy Cannon's power source. 

I also like the idea of Tails having a sort of energy shield of sorts, allowing him to also help others defensively alongside himself. Think of it like a tech shield! He's also managed to upgrade his bombs thanks to the help of chaos emerald energy, allowing them to cause some more damage and wreak havoc. He can commit arson now!

Tails could also have, as mentioned before, a mecha of sorts! Maybe he got some inspiration from his journey in Sonic Frontiers and decided to try and make his very own titan mech that's all about support, shielding friends, and dealing long-ranged damage with explosives and bullets to enemies.

3.) Redesign

This has been brewing in my head even before Frontiers. I absolutely adore any sort of scarves, capes, fingerless gloves, or head accessories on characters, I physically cannot live without 'em. Since I'm a Tails fan who prefers him with blue shoes rather than his classic red shoes, I usually do a combined mix of grey/black, yellow/orange, and blue!

For my current redesign approach on Tails, give him some nice black gloves with long black socks to go with his new and improved blue, grey, and white shoes. Alongside all of that, give him a comfy and snug blue scarf that complements his blue eye color and newly placed goggles that have a blue lens.

His shoes can give him a neat boost in speed accompanied by the additional speed boost from his tails spinning behind him for acceleration! The goggles are used whenever he's tinkering, though they also just add in some nice fashion points. Tails' looks really good in goggles to me!

On his right glove though, Tails has one of his machines hidden within the design of the glove, able to transform into his very own Energy Cannon mentioned before at will!

4.) Different Forms

I really, really miss Tails with his Super Flickies. It needs to come back, so that’s what I’m doing with his classic Super Form! No, this is no longer being a Hyper form exclusive in this headcanon. That form comes after.

Standard gold-yellow look, the blue in his redesign changes to his classic red, and his eyes are now red too! Alongside his now new look, he has his flicky companions all around him, able to swarm enemies with their homing, and are as busted as ever gameplay-wise.

Hyper Tails, on the other hand, would become a completely different color palette: he keeps the same red shoes, though his body is now white fur with red tail tips. I was thinking of the possibility of him looking like a fully-fledged kitsune, with him now having 9 tails, though honestly, 2 tails are fine too! Either way would be cool to see.

One thing that's different with this Tails now, however, is that he now has a confident, smug personality. Kind of like how Sonic in Frontiers got when he transformed into Super Sonic 2: he looked a lot more serious with his attacks. He develops the same trickster personality kitsunes usually have as youkai. He still is himself through and through, though is not afraid to cause a bit of mischief for the enemies with his newfound powers.

5.) Personality & Flaws

Thanks to what Frontiers has done for Tails' characterization to pick right back up to how he was in Sonic Adventure 2, his personality in this setting will reflect that. This Tails is independent, can fight his own fights, and works towards becoming his very own hero without Sonic needing to be there for him every step of the way. He doesn't worry about Sonic at all, and trusts him completely, completing tasks Sonic gives him with haste and determination to always believe in himself and do his best. He doesn't hesitate on actions, doing things when needed to do so. He's a nerd like always though, always happily ranting about machines and tech ideas to his friends, sometimes without even realizing it at first. Even though he's happy about his new path, he still misses Sonic a lot at times, and always leaves his workshop ready for whenever Sonic returns with Chili Dogs! 

Although Tails still struggles with self-doubt in some ways, he always tries to give everything his best shot, not allowing his insecurities to control him anymore. He has a hard time opening up those emotions to people, however, only really showing his vulnerable side around his best bro, Sonic! Tails also gets a bit self-critical when someone says something he doesn't think of at the moment, causing him to bring himself down. He can control himself in the moment, though when he finally gets the upper hand, he can't help but smile.

6.) Relationships with other Characters

Sonic and Tails are the same as always: best bros who will always be there to help each other out! Although they are not as close as they used to be, they're still the same as always with each other, teasing each other around and having good laughs as they enjoy some Chili Dogs.

Tails treats the remains of Cosmo, being her plant pot, with care and love. He still suffers from her death, though moves forward with confidence, hoping they can see each other again someday.

The Chaotix and Tails are on good terms, Tails sometimes visiting every once and a while to hang out and maybe even play some board games! Maybe one day Tails'll help them out with a case.

Eggman and Tails' are brain power rivals now, always seeing who can best who at making machines and dealing with tech. Eggman now respects Tails, treating him as a threat to his work.

I like to see Knuckles as a big bro to Tails! He'll always be there to help out the two-tailed fox as well with whatever he needs, fully trusting the guy.

Rouge would be like an aunt to Tails in my eyes, them both having a chill relationship with each other. Rouge trusts Tails' intellect, showing full support towards his inventions and capabilities.

Amy and Tails are buddies! They're overall friendly towards each other and help each other out whenever there's a need to.

7.) Extra, small Fun Facts!

He leaves his medal from Sonic Adventure on his desk near his bed, to serve as a reminder of his accomplishments and give him more motivation to continue on with his days.

In the Sonic Cookbook, Tails shows off his West Side Island Sandwich! What's surprising with this recipe, however, is that he puts his very own homemade mint sauce on it to complement the rest of the items in the sandwich. I like to think Tails would try his homemade mint sauce on pretty much anything he finds tasty! He also keeps a list of stuff he tries his mint sauce on to know what tastes good, what tastes alright, and what tastes bad.

And that's about it for now! What did ya think of the ideas so far?

I really wanna see more stuff from Tails. Maybe not necessarily like this, though cool ideas that make him stand out as a character in the Sonic Series. I'm really excited to see how they'll handle Tails in future games. With how Dream Team, albeit as short as it was treated Tails, I'm excited to see a full-length game come to fruition and show us Sonic Fans what they can do with what Miles 'Tails' Prower is now.

Thanks for reading, and happy brainstorming! Stay tuned for the very real Pachi thought breakdown of the very real Tails Adventure sequel, coming out 2026!

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