why did the wish bones always break bigger for you?

you wanted the wish

I needed it

you wanted money and fame

I wanted peace and happiness to claim

you wished for 20 extra dollars 

I begged to be taken away from my community of scholars 

why did the wishbone break bigger for you?

every night at 11:11, you were asleep 

but I was wishing for my pain to stop going so deep

dandelions in a field 

could never tell you how many times I'd wish

for my life to change 

just so I can feel

this smile isn't real

I need to heal

but I can't eat a meal

I need to make a deal

but in order for that, I need to kneel

because my skin is starting to peel

off of my bones

after I've tried to not cry

my eyes have run dry

no, I can not lie

I've wanted to die

I've wanted to fly

going up to the sky

just being so high

is what I wanted

I break my wishbone for you

where is my crew?

it all feels blue

I'm not sure what to do

if only you knew

my feelings that would brew

my heart trapped in my ribs like a lion in a zoo

it's all just taboo

maybe I'm just scared

maybe it's just anxiety

without its sobriety 

I feel lost in a society 

where I'm not a priority 

when I know I must sit quietly 

but I want to speak

even when my mouth is covered by the hand

by the hand of a man

my feelings were canned

said they were not grand

if I could stand

the bigger man

I'd realize he had it all planned

my feelings are not your opinion, 

they are true

unlike you

my wishbone was broken by them

my happiness was robbed from me

put my on my knee

making me bleed

for living I had to pay a fee

just let me be


it's always helped

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