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Rant on recent political news in my country

I live in Europe and the country I live in is one of the last ones that still has a law against breaking "religious peace" (straight translation). It basically makes it illegal to publicly disgrace or dishonour anything held sacred by a religion. Now it has come up that the law is wanted to be removed due to people seeing it's against their freedom of speech. Today on the radio someone said "How about we replace the law with a law against purposefully getting butt hurt". To be real I did think it was funny and laughed a little, but in this context, what.  

Straight up what the fuvk. There's so many things wrong with this. First of all why should it be removed, since there are Europe wide issue of people burning religious texts, causing religious extremists to radicalize even more, and barely anything can be done due to nothing being against it. Second, why do you want it to be removed? Are you worried about your freedom of speech. Cause if it's that are you also against all the other special acts regarding freedom of speech? Or is it that you want to be able to publicly disgrace religious texts without other consequence than radicalizing extremists even more. 

I honestly do not understand at all why in the hell the law is wanted to be removed. Even when I try to think about it at every possible angle I really can't see any other reason than problematic and predatory issues with all of them.

Does anyone have any opinions on the matter or different points of view? I'm trying to understand but I cant find a point that makes sense to me, or doesn't cause issues. 

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