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Our neighbors house burned down and 6 people died while people watched and filmed and did nothing to help.

Early last Saturday morning, around 1:30am to 2:00am our electricity began to flicker. We began to smell a VERY strong electrical smell. We checked our house and couldn’t find any issue. We then went outside to see if it might be an issue with a neighbor. It turned out that a house about 2 blocks away was burning. The fire truck had just arrived and we ran down to check it out. When we got there it was clouded in thick smoke. It was hard to breathe or see much of anything. Many people were standing in the street watching, more than a few taking videos of it with their phones. All of a sudden from within the thick dark smoke we heard the screams of a woman obviously in a great deal of pain. My wife looked around at the people standing there watching and filming it and she just took off into the smoke. I ran after her. While the people were standing there watching and filming, two of the women who lived in the burning house had made it out. Badly burned and screaming in pain and in shock, the people watched, filmed, posted on social media. As we approached the burning house we could see two women sitting on the ground. Their arms and legs badly burned and in a lot of pain. My wife spoke to them as best she could. She then turned to the onlooking people and started barking at them “Don’t any of you have cars, can any of you help get them to the hospital instead of just watching?” We have some severe burn cream at home and so we took off running back home, got the cream and a blanket and took off running back. My wife got the cream on their burns, wrapped the blanket around the old lady who was in shock. After shouting some more at the people standing around watching, someone finally pulled their car up and the injured women were taken to the hospital. 6 people, mostly under 21 years old died in that fire. And if it wasn’t for a driver passing by and seeing the fire and reporting it when no one else did, there probably would have been no survivors. Now people are online pretending to be members of that family asking for donations. Using a tragedy of an entire beautiful family to try to steal money from others. Smart phones + social media = lack of humanity.


RIP to this beautiful family :( They were laid to rest today

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