New Perfumes!

So I have been Influenced™ yet again, and bought more fragrances from TikTok shop lmao. Currently, I have Khadlaj Hareem Al Sultan gold, Taskeen Marina, Swiss Arabian Layali Rouge, and Paris Corner Nouf, and the new ones are Khadlaj Hareem Al Sultan silver, Taskeen Peach, and Qissa pink. They all smell sooooooo good, the Sultan gold has been my go-to but I think I may have found a new one with the silver layered with Qissa. I’ll post links to each one so y’all can get the notes if that’s something you’re interested in. I’ll put my own notes/vibes I get from them out to the side of the links lol

Hareem Al Sultan Gold - fruity, sweet, divine feminine

Taskeen Marina - passion fruit, fruity & floral, beach vibes

Nouf - sexy, spicy, unisex, date night

Hareem Sultan Silver - floral, clean, cottagecore vibes

Taskeen Peach - fruity, peach tea, summer vibes

Qissa Pink - sweet, sugary, fruity, a bit nostalgic

Layali Rouge - clean, powdery, floral, fresh laundry out on the clothesline (I like wearing this one after taking a shower)

I have on the silver and Qissa layered right now and I can’t stop smelling myself🥴 they’ve got some deals going on right now so if you’ve been eyeing something def get it now!!

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