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Currently on facebook Jail, but now at home with SpaceHey.

Currently on Facebook Jail for 24 hours. 

You cannot comment and click like or heart someone's post. All you can do is browse becquse you are silenced. 
You are on a time out for interacting and socializing with your family and friends. You cannot also post anything in your own time line. 
Only in facebook did it made me feel what it feels like under a Communist rule. I found Facebook too boring now. Everyone's profile all look the same. White and blue. You cannot personalize your own profile and you cannot customize it however you want to reflect your character. You cannot add your personality in your own facebook profile. 
Facebook teaches you on how to act and think the same as everybody, like from the movie "The Stepford Wives"  ( starting Nicole Kidman ). It is starting to become creepy.

On the positive note, I am building more of my relationship in SpaceHey. 
I am starting to fall back in love with the myspace's twin brother/sister.

When the nostalgic feeling makes you feel like at home again. ❤️
Thank you SpaceHey. You now have my heart. 

If only my facebook friends would just check out SpaceHey and start relocating here. 😊

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