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dni. byf.

do NOT interact if you are: a DSMP stan/supporter. homophobic, transphobic, Kanye supporter, zoophile, anti-Semitic, abelist, xenophobic, racist, sexist idk. what else. just the basic DNI criteria

before you friend : i make NSFW / suicide jokes, no tonetags unless were talking and u ask me, no TWS except for basic stuff. (gore .. like the general TWs you'd give.).

also. please don't follow me if you're an account that is heavy with: bugs, analog horror, needles (going into something real, pixelated ones are fine.) , real human gore. 

i don't care if ur an adult and u friend me, just don't be like 12 please go participate in recess

okay thank you for reading :3 hope we can be friends

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