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"i miss the 2000's"

hi, wanted to type out this little blog post since its been stuck on my mind yesterday and today...

i've always seen people on the internet, more specifically on here and on tiktok, from ages from 16 - mid to late 30's saying that they miss the 2000's and granted i dont blame em, i do too to some degree, but i kinda have an idea why on why we do miss the 2000's. tbh i think in my opinion, its mainly because of the innocence of that time and (obviously) not much was exposed to us during the beginning of social media and more so (for us 2000's kids/babies) actually wanting to relive those times when we're teens but obviously couldnt. also, because of things (i.e. news, social media) stressing us and being pushed towards us on tiktok, instagram and twitter and seeing that us 2000's kids/babies, we now have to worry about our future and/or seeing no future in our lifetime.

(granted, i know they're were obviously stuff that was stressing in the 2000's)

(forgot what else to add to this)

(for now) that is all i have to add and keep in mind, this is just what i think why people miss or wanna relive/live through the 2000's. if im going in over my head about this, let me know and let me know if im missing anything from this post or if you wanna add your own take on this topic, pleaseeeeeeeeee share yours.

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π»π’œπΌπΏπΈπ’΄ 𝒒𝐿π’ͺπ’ͺ𝑀𝐼𝐸

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I completely avoid social media now because it's so overcluttered with stupid ads and complicated algorithms and it's been amazing for my mental health. I also miss when people didn't make social media define their real life.

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omg yessss...i still kinda use social media (besides twitter and tiktok). i still use instagram if i wanna post something on there (since i have a fan account lol and my personal and spam account (might delete the spame)) media like instagram, tiktok, twitter, just wears me out and makes me bed ridden lol and i hate it, i wanna make myself move instaed of being in bed all day and scroll thru tiktok

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I merely miss the explorative era of the early newborn Internet. certainly was not all daisies and sweet-smelling roses.
Yet video games were, for the most part, quite fun as long as you kept your microphone off or really knew the group you were playing with in real life.

The dreaded battle passes and content patches for releases unfinished had not plagued us poor souls either.

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yesss and how you can be creative on some sites too (i.e. youtube and myspace) and i completely agree

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If you wish for further early 2000s time capsules, BitView recreates an earlier version of YouTube and allows one to create their own account and post content.

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i saw that! and i've been using yt2009 :)

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