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after only a few brief minutes of scrolling, i've already seen several posts about chips. someone was talking about how their dad stole their flamin hot doritos (extra weird because i was talking about the 2019 cheetos diss track with a friend earlier today. truly the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon at work). anyway there was another post about some strange colored salt and vinegar chips. i was not expecting so much chipsposting but i am here for it. for my contribution i will discuss some organic cheetos ripoffs i had the other day. they were good, very crunchy and very orange. it was $2.79 for the bag (inexpensive) so i will be buying them again probably. tune back in next time for episode 2 of chipsposting

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I had pig skin chips.

I suppose I would classify them as alright.

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fantastic! the mundane nature of the chips themselves matters little in the face of the glory of the very concept of chipsposting

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