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diary 3

its almost 1 am

i'm laying in bed and my back hurts.

my last diary entry on here was 2 years ago, being about my fixation with makokuu... wow. i am still not over with them. maybe im not as vocal, but i think about them often anyway.

i'm a college student now, i live on my own and i have a lovely girlfriend.

i never knew my life could get better in so little time. i just wish i wasnt failing rn lol

tbh im getting way too sentimental on this app. i wouldn't be saying this shit on tumblr or twitter. only here and idk my persona neocities site??? ehh idk 

"btw alex theres a setting that allows your blogs to be private" whats the point though? i wanna be seen, even if its for little rants and talking about my obsessions with shipping

my stomach and spine hurt, i should grab something to eat before i go to bed, but i'm so weak i might fall asleep or drop on the floor before i even get off my bed.


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