getting snakebites!!!

my mom finally agreed for me to get snakebites! its my first piercing plz give me tips! im going with my friend on their birthday! :)))) 

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That's exciting! :D Of the ones I have so far my snakebites are my favorite piercings. Really the most important tips you're gonna get are the care instructions your piercer will give you. Most piercings don't hurt longer than a couple weeks so some people think that means they're healed and slack on their care routine. Trust the piercer, treat your piercings carefully for the full length of time, they're an open wound! And since it's an oral piercing you'll want to be slow and careful with things like eating and brushing your teeth to avoid too much friction, not just bc of pain but also to prevent rejection. You might get the urge to mess with them cuz it feels weird at first but try to resist because that will slow healing or possibly cause rejection. Even after they're fully healed don't be TOO rough with them, my mom had to take out her tongue piercing bc of that even tho it had already been fully healed for years! But don't be too worried abt it really, it's not all that unlike healing a cut (in my personal experience). Obviously don't ignore it but you really don't have to change your daily routine THAT much to treat it properly.

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thank you I was a bit worried about pain since this is my first piercings and I never even had earrings before and i'm terrified of needles lol, how bad is it? my pain tolerance levels are pretty low

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I consider my pain tolerance somewhat mid to low so they scared me a bit too. Honestly the first one wasn't so bad, I'd put it at like a 2. The second one is worse because the area is already sensitive, that one was around a 4 or 5. My lip didn't swell very much so the lingering pain only lasted for the rest of the day (got mine done in the evening) and it was gone when I woke up. Most of the pain during recovery comes from eating. For me it was like a solid 3, not terrible but like it took a week to go away so it was an adjustment. They're not as terrible as they seem honestly, my tongue was definitely worse despite only being 1 piercing.

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