Ofmd flashfic for #IzzyIsThriving on Twitter/X

Izzy taught Stede so many things so one night while it was raining and the whole crew had no choice but to stay inside Stede took the chance to give back.

Izzy was sitting alone reading to himself when Stede approached him.

"You're always teaching me things Izzy"

Stede said

"Yeah?" Izzy responded putting his finger between the two pages he was reading.

' want to do something for you" Stede smiled. Izzy put a mark in his book.

"Alright then. What are we doing?" Izzy asked rising an eyebrow.

'I'm teaching you how to slow dance" Stede seemed excited but Izzy was anything but that. He never wanted to learn how but Stede seemed so excited. How could he refuse? Izzy stood up.

"Teach away Bonnet" Izzy said

Stede first taught Izzy where to place his hands. Stede lead the dance so he placed his hands where they belonged. One on Izzy's lower back and another in Izzy's other hand. Stede had Izzy place his hands where they belonged as well. One on Stede's shoulder and The other in Stede's hand. Stede took a step back.

"Now follow my feet with yours." Stede said.

Izzy brought his right foot to the place right in-front of Stede's foot that stepped back.

Stede then took a step to the side, Izzy followed. A step forward, Izzy followed.

Their movements got faster and faster each step the same as the last until Izzy accidentally stepped on Stede's foot.

"Shit.." Izzy mumbled. Stede chuckled then they kept going. A step to the side caused Izzy to trip. Izzy about fell to the floor.

"This is shit" he growled.

Izzy straightened his back and huffed angrily.

"You were doing so good!" Stede said encouragingly. Izzy huffed once more before shaking his hand dismissively and walking away from Stede.

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