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pedialite popsicles

i spent a lot of time sick this semester. a months worth of weeks were spent in bed not going to class, not doing anything at all. it was torture; every time i would start to get better, another illness would kick me back down. i genuinely considered that i might have an autoimmune disease

but in my darkest moment, in the pit of despair that was my mucus-filled room, i saw a light...

pedialite popsicles

my roommate said they are made this with aspirin-like substance, mixed in with flavored juice that gets frozen into pops. they like to have them when they are hungover, since theyre so effective at treating headaches

i think i had a dozen of them over my septic tenure. they definitely helped, and maybe saved my life?? the pressure from my sinuses and dehydration felt enough to kill me

anyway, thank you pedialite popsicles, and thank you roommate for letting me eat so many!

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