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teeth are my worst enemy

hello to the 1 person who will read this!! so ever since i was a kid i was terrible at keeping good hygiene, especially  brushing my teeth and since i am like depressed that makes it even harder for me... so like 2 days ago i woke up and my tooth just felt super Bad, it felt like something was inside it or something so i used a toothpick but all that did was make my teeth bleed.. so i decided to brush my teeth, and that did nothing it still felt really uncomfortable but i was just like, "okay ill tell my mom at 1 pm or something" yeah and i didnt so the next day i woke up and it was a bit worse than yesterday so obvioulsy i told my mom and we went to go see the nurse..... which didnt really do anything i just got a bunch of pills and that was it. So, as im writing this its 6 am nov 27 and just a few hours ago i was like Crying my eyes out bc of how much pain i was in and since i am a literal baby i told my mom and she made me do a bunch of things to help it, and it still hurts but not as bad as it was before LOL! im gonna see the nurse again today! i like going outside!! im excited since i dont go out ever :3 well... i hope the nurse will be able to find out whats really wrong with my teeth i swear after this i will really try to take care of my teeth better (。-ω-)zzz

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Marceline Pandora

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i hope you find something to relieve your painnn
get well soon!

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ivy ☽

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omfgg that sucks dude T^T

hope u feel better soon!!

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