just sittin arnd smoking weed thinking deeply about my Little Guys I Made In My Head and listening 2 fun music n i think mixing it up with how i interact w them is making me a little more healthy and less..... Single Minded lol

taking a like 2 day break from drawimg them obsessively and trying to squeeze out as much rp w ppl as possible and talk about them as much as possible and then thinking of scenario after scenario in every spare second even when im actively doing other stuff and just watching them do their own thing and working with the options i had loosened me up and helped me get out of my rut i didnt even notice i was in! all of a sudden things are just flowing into my mind and a costume concept basically exploded out of my hands (i was actively trying to resist lol). now im going to get started on a new rut, but with a fun new coping mechanism for when it gets too much lol

take that people who say playing the sims ten hours a day two days in a row is unhealthy! youre not wrong but with the shit i got going on its an improvement lmfaooooo

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