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Day 24 & Day 25 of Tossing Your Dirty Shoes In My Washing Machine Heart

DAY 24!! hello! :)

Summary of yesterday!

[ Sleep Schedule || Previous Night ] -

I think i slept surprisingly well, but i woke up in the afternoon. I was so sore from the day before ;; aching. Making old people noises. Yknow when your grandpa goes aghhhh a little when he gets up. Yeah. 

[ Socialization ] - 

I spent time with my family, i was so tired. Usually my little sister begs to draw together but i decline, its not due to any reason, she just asks when ive already drawn or im sure. But day 24 i said sure, lets draw. Then I stayed up until 4 am talking to my brother and laughing at dumb things together, catching up. He’s probably the person who knows me best. 

[ Art/Creative ] -

Drew my shark guy. his lore goes crazy. 

i drew more of him, but thought the artstyle i drew him in didnt suit him. my brother said he liked the other one more though. but eh? i dunno. 


I drew a character my little sister made. :) i thought it was super cute! It reminds me of toro. I love toro. 

Other than that She also wanted me to draw a bunny girl character she made, so i drew it. She wanted it cutesy, and I complied. 

[ School Work ] -
I didnt do much schoolwork that day ;; i think i touched up on some work lightly. Very lightly. But i spent most of the day recovering. Lol. 

[ Hydration ] - 

Surprisingly well hydrated. 

[ Physical Activity] - 

I stayed home ;; tired.

[ Diet ] - 

I think. I cant remember what i ate. I think i didnt eat anything unhealthy, except for a sprite? Fizzy drink. But apart from that i just ate my mothers cooking :) yum.

[ New Information/Something New ] -

I watched a video essay about vincent van goghs life :OOO it was interesting. Despite loving his artwork, i didnt know much about the man himself. I knew the popular stuff of course, but never actually looked into it ever. I wanna watch the movie about his life as well, the one that had each frame of the movie individually painted? I believe? Not sure, but it looked beautiful. 

DAY 25 :3 hey!

[ Sleep Schedule || Previous Night ] -

Okay. i slept around 5 am and then woke up in the afternoon again. And tonight im pulling an allnighter to finish some work. I know, not a good idea, but ill return to regular programming after this week. Itll be okay uu

[ Socialization ] - 

Just talked to my best friend all day, my family was away. And also its the sunday before our break is over, no ones particularly up for plans. And that’s cool, i went on a little trip to get something to eat and it was nice. Sometimes i forget when im lonely i can just. Go Outside. Anywhere, really? I seem approachable and im the kind of person who somehow finds a way to talk to someone anyway. A guy told me he liked my jacket, which is a huge HUGE jacket that is a navy color and the inside is white. It says “if you can read this youre too close” all over the jacket in white on the outside, and black letters in the inside. he said some other things but i couldnt hear and just smiled. starting to think im a little hard of hearing. I just said thank you! Thumbs up.

[ Art/Creative ] -

I drew today as well :O look its me. those are false lenses, do not be fooled.

My character Ceyda :] ive drawn her before and shown her here, i love her. 

I love the story i gave her too. And she was THE character that made me decide i can just make all of my characters turkish kdfjghdg look, we dont get any representation in american media….or….many other non turkish media at all. Name one turkish character who isnt a traditional turkish Man. ;; look, i love those too, but. Please. Im fighting for our life out here. So now ive decided everyone's turkish. I'm projecting and coping. Accepting Turkish applications for those who are interested. Get your turkish citizenship from ISCARIOT today! (Not qualified whatsoever)

[ School Work ] -

Im working on the blender project. ;; im so sad. I am actually sad over this project. Its okay, we ball, we keep going!!!! i actually got impatient and really wanted to make this entry right now, i dont know why ^^;; i missed it. It was 1 day and i missed it. 

[ Hydration ] - 

I drank a lot of tea instead of water today. Argh. but turkish tea is so good, I ACTUALLY DRANK NO COFFEE TODAY? Im having an energy drink rn but, looks like ive gone from coffee to turkish tea. But i think turkish tea has more caffeine per cup. ? per ounce? That cant be good. Ill drink more water while im staying up ;;

[ Physical Activity] - 

The little trip i went on was actually a pretty lengthy walk!!! More than enough to fill my daily steps, it was good :] it was also relaxing. I got to look around my house a bit more, i saw some new things apparently opened. A puppy store. I walked by and the puppies looked so cute. I kinda wanna go to pet them, but i also dont wanna go in there just to see how cute they are and NOT adopt them. That feels cruel. I wanna take one home. Maybe when i move out. I like medium to bigger sized dogs ;; and theyre cute when theyre puppies too. 

[ Diet ] - 

Yeah didnt eat too well today uu i had convenience store food for dinner and a sandwich when i woke up in the afternoon. Wasnt too awful though :O but like? Not FOOD food yknow? I feel like there’s Food food and then whatever i had today.

[ New Information/Something New ] -

I started watching the Inside the Mind of FAITH: The Unholy Trinity interview that Wendigoon did with Airdorf. FAITH: The Unholy Trinity is one of my favorite games :D its right up my alley and i originally got into it because markiplier did a gameplay of it so many years ago. I really recommend playing FAITH or at least watching a gameplay of it. :)) Slimecicle also did a few streams of it recently, his gameplay of it is a bit all over the place but SO entertaining, i watched it live!

{ [ Music ] } -

Okay im going to recommend you something that is not even a full song. Its not even a full minute. But it’s so precious. Its so pretty. I was really excited when they first revealed it 

So ive been a NIKKI LAND enjoyer for a few years, and during her relationship with matt, i think they announced they were going to put out music together as a duo. I didnt expect much, but found this and i adore it so much ;;;;

Clown by Kiss Me . it sounds so pretty to me. Sigh. its so pretty. They broke up, and so did their short lived duo music career. but it was so precious, i want a full song of this so bad. If you know any songs similar to this, please let me know. I love it sm. 

Also i recommend you this.  

do mi ti, why not me, am i right. 

ALSO I WANNA RECOMMEND THIS. Still Into You - Dsiboys cover!!!! It's so cute ^^ i love paramore and this cover is so lovely. yay!!!!!!

{ [ Thoughts ] } -

 I'm a big Markiplier enjoyer, the guy is just a really good role model ive had for a while. Ive been watching his videos since probably 2014??? the first FNAF gameplays man. The first FNAF gameplay he did was probably when i officially started watching him. I was 9. Thats actually insane. what. What was my 9 year old ass doing watching that. Surely the kids nowadays do similar things, but when you think about it it feels odd. But that’s ME yknow, and i didnt feel odd at all watching those at the time? I didn’t have nightmares or anything, if anything it inspired me! The only thing that really shook me as a kid was watching Episode 5 of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared. I definitely grew up on the internet huh ^^;; 

The thing was, no other DHMIS episode shook me like that, i was just inspired most of the time watching everything. Ive always gotten happy and excited watching creative things! But THE scene with the duck on the surgery table and yellow guy…yk….doing what he did, freaked out 10 year old me. 

To this day, i think that scene was so scary and i still get chills, its so spooky. I think Red Guy being absent in that episode just made me even more anxious, he was like a reliable figure yknow?  Anyways i love Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared :] its so great and i loved the new series as well!!!! I was really excited and watched all the episodes all in one day when it originally came out ;; it’s a bad habit. 

okay now im gonna work on the blender project all night. ill be up and online. and probably sad. working on things that challenge me make me frown dkfjgh JUST AH! its okay though bc WE BALL. WE GET THROUGH IT!!!! ALL I CAN DO IS MY ABSOLUTE BEST! AND I SHALL!!!!! o777 WISH ME LUCK, I SHALL NEED IT!

Anyways todays' was a long one :] two in one! Boom and boom! Thank you for reading ^^ i really appreciate you reading through all the way here! buh bye now, bye!!! Bye goodbye now!!!!!! Its day 25 that’s actually insane!!!! Buh bye now goodbye!!!!!!

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i love the shark guy :DD and ceyda??? SHE IS SO COOL!! i'd love to watch a show about her daily struggles and stuff :33 AND TURKISH WORLD DOMINATION ONCE AGAIN RAAAGHHH lmao
(there are many reasons for why they dont represent us in media but won't go into the details about politic situations in turkey :>> )

also, rookie numbers >:D i was watching fnaf when i was 7!! surprising but i didn't have nightmares about that too but instead scps and other things...
AND THAT DHMIS EPISODE SCARED ME SHITLESS TOO. the last scene and duck guy's voice was really disturbing. loved the show still!


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thank you thank you RAAHHHHH TURKISH WORLD DOMINATION >:DDDD!!!!!!!!

Ceyda's story is actually about her accidentally killing a shadow figure that appears in her apartment and her neighbor who just moved in becomes witness to her getting rid of the evidence :,3 and then she forces them to be an accomplice. however more things are revealed while they look to hide the "body" blah blah it's not a real person blah blah its a shadow figure sent my the cult that claims her neighbor as their prophet, blah blah the cult has a mass cleansing goal of ending the world, yeah.

also something something battling people related to the cult and ceydas life who resemble the seven deadly things something something

basically wanted to make a story about someone who has seen too much and is tired of the world, and someone who has barely gotten access to the outside world learning to live again loving to be alive together. :]

but then i pull them apart bc :3 i love tragedy!! but also, death is a natural part of the world as well. they learn to live with that too.

okay Ceyda lore ramble over!!!!!!!

(that's true but also ;;; i feel like there are a lot of political things happening in the world and THEY still get representation. do mi tiiiii why not mee????)

BRO WHATRE YOU DOING WATCHING FNAF AT AGE 7 YOU DIDNT EVEN KNOW YOUR TIMES TABLES DIDNT EVEN KNOW LONG DIVISION. okay i also dont blame you SCP's are more psychological and scarier than fnaf yk. too many unique scary concepts.


by ISCARIOT; ; Report

that's such a cool story concept??? her character arc look so interesting :D using a cult to explain the characters mind is really cool too! i had story ideas in my head with similar ideas ^^

(and yeah, you're right about that lol do mi tiii why not uss 3]

LMAO AKSHAJHA acces to internet at a young age and it's consequences. i half-remember playing minecraft when i was like... 6?? idk how actually. and yeah! scps always seemed much more realistic....


by deniz; ; Report


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i want the shark lore!!! also the eggy character is super cute lol omg

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shark lore is a bit long and is actually a collaborative story with me and my best bud!!!! it's like the One project i for sure want to create and make perfect. very passionate about their story, but i need to organize everything and then ill show :DD

and thank you i thought the eggy character was cute too ;;; adorable design by my sister

by ISCARIOT; ; Report

ah! im patiently waiting lolol

by Kazimir; ; Report


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This post took me back! With the markiplier fnaf stuff, I never got into fnaf but practically all of my friends were into it and I experienced it secondhand but really when I say it took me back, I was referring to the dsiboys. I forgot about those guys, they're so good. Personally, I love their Stacy's mom cover but still into you is still chef's kiss.

Anyway, good luck with the blender project and have a great rest of your day or night, I don't know timezones, just have a great rest of your

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dsiboys are so good :DDD i love their original song "Can't Wait" as well its so good. Stacys mom cover is good too, honestly i just love their style overall. :]

LOL THANK YOU you also have a good rest of your

by ISCARIOT; ; Report