Your Roommate. Chapter two: Clingyyy

Its been a couple of weeks since your new friend moved in, and you've gotten used to it being around the house. Sure you still get a little startled, but your new routine has set in quite well. Today you have class, as it's the beginning of your second collage semester. You've woken up earlier, and you are now shoving your books, wallet and laptop in your bag. "Whÿ......āwãkę....êäṟłÿ?" Your friend questions, its english has improved but its still slightly warped. "Hey bud, i have class today." You respond looking up at it and smiling,
"Çḻáśš?" Your roommate says curiously.
"Yknow? Like school," you say. Now it seems to get the idea,
"Whéŋ....ćømë......hōmē?" It askes concernedly, you didn't think mimics could even get concerned.
"Three hours, that shouldn't be too long right?" You ask your friend, it shakes it's head in response, "okay well i'll be going now bye!" You say as you walk out the door, and hop in your car. After five or so minutes you arrive at the train station, on time as usual. You tap on and wait scrolling your phone untill the train arrives, you board the train. Putting on your headphones, you sit looking out the window. It only feels like a couple of minutes, but you arrive at your station. You then hop on a metro to your collage, finally you arrive at your campus. Just in time for your lecture, you walk into the huge lecture hall. You sit in your usual spot, and stare at the door. A girl with dyed blonde hair and dark hazel roots, her cocoa eyes starred into yours. The girl started speedwalking to you, "heyyyyy girlyyyyy" the girl spoke in a heavy valley girl accent. This girl is your best friend, Ayesha simonds. "Hey, how are you girl?" You ask her smiling, you look at what extravagant gyaru outfit she has on. Its mostly pink with hints of yellow, "i'm good thanks you?" She replies. You two begin catching up in the minutes before class, "sooo has anything interesting happpened over the break?" Ayesha asked, you reflect on your roomate but ultimately decide not to tell her.
"Uhm not much, I honestly just worked and chilled the whole time." you replied, not telling the full truth.
"Huh okay well i-" your bestie was cut off by the lecturer walking in, instantly you focus as the lights dim. You spend the full hour taking notes and listening to the lecturer, finally after what felt like a millennia it was over. "Byeee girlie i got work" Ayesha says dashing out of the lecture hall, you get up and walk to the metro station and repeat the morning's routine in reverse. Eventually you are home, you hop out of your car just to hear something, (æÆæ) it sounds like a distorted human cry. The noise is coming from your front door, you grab your keys and unlock your door... (oomph) before you can even see inside your tackled to the floor by something, you open your eyes... its your roommate. "Well shit i'm dead" you think to yourself, but instead of being eaten alive you were being...clung to? "Hey you okay?" You ask your friend,it picks you up and whisks you inside. You get tossed on your couch, it sits next to you on the floor. Your friend lets out a low growl, signaling that it's annoyed at you. "Hey, i'm here now." You say in a soft tone, you reach your hand out and pet its scalp. It flinches at first, before melting into the couch. "There there," you comfort the mimic. Eventually it grabs your wrist startling you, it moves your hand off gently. "Had enough bud?" You ask still in the soft tone, it shakes its head. You look at the thing confused, then it flops itself on top of you. You're instantly winded, "h-ey bu-d can y-ou be gentle next time?" You suggest as the air slowly starts filling your lungs again, the creature looks up at you and nods then tilts its head to the side. You know what its asking instantly, "dont worry im okay." You assure it, the creature then goes back to cuddling you its head in the side of your neck. It's actually quite nice, despite the fact that it could snap and viciously attack you. You didn't care, you were comfy. You relaxed for a moment, then you remember your not in your pyjamas. "Hey bud i know this is comfy and all but i need to change so can we get up?" You ask, the mimic albeit dissatisfied slowly clambered off you. "Thanks" you then begin to walk to your room, but just as you were about to walk in a familiar gaping smile would be seen behind you. You sigh "i know you missed me but you can't follow me in here right now," you say slightly sternly. Your friend winged but complied with your demand, you walk in and go to shut the door the mimic's smile somehow looked less than usual. You then slipped into your cozy pyjamas, your roommate winging and whining the whole time. You unlock the door and open it, you walk out to the kitchen your friend following very close behind. You begin cooking a simple and easy meal, the mimic watching every move like a hawk. After awhile your food was done and your dishes were in the dishwasher, you dig into your food. Your friend moves past you, giving you some space. "Î...gęṯ.....føöḏ" it told you as it wandered out the back door, you take this opportunity to sweep your house. After about 25 minutes the familiar sound of the sliding back door clicking open was heard, "welcome home do you need a bath?" You greet the mimic turning around, you expect to see the tall thing all bloody but... it was clean, spotless even. You look up at it, "ãłṟęḏÿ....çḻêâń" it uttered before walking straight into your room. You finish cleaning, then go to your room. Your roommate was just... sorta standing there, then you remember that mimics digest in a weird trans. You see its face get exited when it sees you, it tries to reach its arm out but it just flops to its side. You walk up to it, it tries to reach out again. It's fingertips brush against your knuckles, it lets out a purring noise. Then as if your body moved on it's own, you held its hand. Its weird, long fleshy hand. Your friend's purr got louder in response, you both just stood there for a moment... hand in hand, eventually you pull your hand away. The mimic not having enough strength to keep ahold of you, it lets out a whine of disappointment. You feel bad, "dont worry bud i'm staying right here." You say plopping down on your comfy bed, you pull out your phone to pass the time. You suddenly feel a touch on your arm sending chills down your spine, you look up swiftly and see your friend and its gaping smile. Your nerves are instantly calmed, you look at the time 8:05. "I should probably shower now" you think to yourself, " hey bud i have to shower now." You stated, you have no idea why you told it you were showering. You got up and began walking to the bathroom, the creature still being clingy. It attemped to follow you into the bathroom, but you shut that down. "Whÿ....ñøṯ.....âłłøwêḏ?" Your roommate asked confusedly,
"Because im showering i need privacy" you explained to it.
"Ÿøû.....çømê.....įŋ.....bêføṟę?" It stated even more confused,
"Well i needed to teach you how to bathe, i need privacy okay." You explained further, the creature let out a sound of annoyance before stepping away from the door. You thank it before walking in, you undress and shower. The mimic growling instead of winging, eventually your dry and dressed so you leave the room. You weren't expecting to get dragged away as soon as you left, eventually your friend tossed you on the bed. "Gêṯ......įṉ" it demanded you intimidatingly, you listened and get under your blankets. The mimic loomed over you before... getting in the bed, it grabbed your shoulders gently and pulled you into a cuddle. It was oddly relaxing, now that you are pressed right up against the thing you are noticing small details about it. Like its chest rising and falling with each breath, and its heartbeat faster than a regular human but that makes sense for a creature of that size you presume. You feel the oddly comforting vibrations of each purr it made, it wrapping its legs and arms around you gently. You were very comfortable, even a little sleepy. But not enough to sleep yet, you slowly look up at the creature. It's looking at you, its eyes seem less bulged almost like it was tired. Your glad you dont have work or class tomorrow, you fall asleep in the mimics arms.
Oh boy did you underestimate how clingy it was, it followed you everywhere in your house. It also frantically grabbed you and yanked you away from the door when you went to leave for groceries, you had to tell him where you were going and when you would get back.

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