your roommate chapter one: the thing in your home

You get off the metro after a long trip, you're relived to be home from work, you live pretty far from your job in the city. You walk to your car and hop in, it's not dark yet which is favourable. You finnaly get home just as the sun begins to set, (click, creeeek) you push open your front door and put your work bag down. You take off your shoes and begin walking to your room, you clasp your hands around your closet door. You tremble at the idea of a mimic being in there it was terrifying, but you have to check just in case. You roughly slide open the closet door... empty you let out a sigh of relief, and reach into the depths of your closet to retrieve your pyjama shirt. You begin to take off your work clothes, and you put on the shirt. You flop onto your comfy bed, you turn your bedroom tv on and pull your phone out. "Time to take-out" you say aloud as you open uber eats, you order your favourite thing and put your focus towards the show you were watching.
(Ding dong) your doorbell rings, your food must be here. You get up and walk to your front door, you peer through the peep hole just to be safe. Yes! Its your food, you open the front door and take your food. "Thank you" you say as you shut the front door, as you walk back to your room you see something in the corner of your eye. You turn your head to look at it, (sigh) nothing's there you're just being paranoid. You walk back to your room and dig in to your meal, its nice after a long week. You pack up and put your trash in the bin, and lie back down

(Thud, thud, bang) you open your eyes abruptly, fear taking ahold of your thoughts. You grab the baseball bat next to your bedside table and get up, you open your already ajar door enough for you to get out. You slowly creep down your hallway, the bat raised above your head. You clear every room, only leaving the living room. You step forward swiftly... your eyes bulge with terror. Sweat rolls down your face. Its a...mimic. In... your clothes? The mimic stares at you, you stare back. Then it raises its arm and waves? "Uh hi" you say, you examine the creature in front of you. It was wearing an old pair of sweatpants and an old nirvana shirt of yours, but it wasn't well disguised as it barely fit the pants because of how tall the thing was. Oh and the fact that the garments did absolutely nothing to hide the raw meat looking"skin", wide gaping smile and bulging eyes. "HeElLo" the mimic speaks in a weird voice, it smiles... more than usual of course, and tilts its head almost as if asking for something. "D-do you want a room to sleep in?" You ask abruptly breaking the silence, the creatures pupils dialate as it nods. "Okay" you replied to the nod, and signal to it to follow you. You lead it to the room next to yours, a dangerous idea but by this point you've figured that you're already good as dead. You open the door, "this is your room i guess" you say trying not to be nervous, afterall you dont want this thing snapping and killing you while you're awake. You'd rather die in your sleep without pain. The mimic waltzed into the room and looked around it, finally it turned to you. "ThAnKs" it spoke in a garbled way,
"Uhh no problem" you reply. You turn and walk back to your room, thank god it was the weekend. You flop back onto your bed and fall back asleep.
You wake up and think the thought that almost everybody thinks, "i wanna go back to sleep". But eventually you feel something, like a huge cat has just lied on your body. You open your eyes to see what is doing it, only to be met with two bulging eyes staring into yours. "OH JESUS CHRIST" you yell flinching, the mimic or rather your new roommate is startled too, probably because you just yelled right in its face. It looks at you quizzically, "sorry i just didn't expect to be woken up to u laying on me." You apologize, the mimic's quizzical look turns into a content one. At least you're not mimic breakfast, you take a minute to look at it close up, its resembelance to muscle without skin was spot on. Its eyes weren't black like you thought, it was a deep brown colour so deep it looked black from afar. Then the mimic got up, and made a motion which you assumed was to get up aswell. So you did, it looked you up and down examining you. It then looked right into your eyes, "hUngrY" the mimic states garbly. You just stand there, "well im dead" you think to yourself. But the mimic just turns and leaves, despite it being a bad idea you follow it. It walks out the back door and hops your fence and runs into the woods, it left? You thought you were gone, you thought you were food. If none than what? Confusion ran through your mind, you finally check the time... 12:30pm?! Already? You shrug and walk to the kitchen, "man im hungry, my roommate might have been onto something" you think to yourself. You begin making some hot chips to eat as lunch, after a couple of minutes they were ready you grab your favourite condiment and put a dollop on the side. You sit on the couch and put on a random cartoon just to past the time while eating, the hot chips were nice especially with your favourite condiment. And the cartoon was actually pretty good,
I even lost track of the time. It had been a whole hour since you ate, but your cartoon trance was interrupted by the back door sliding open. You whip around and see the mimic covered in crimson red blood, jeez it must have ate alot. It goes to walk into your carpeted living room, "hey! Don't come in here," you say frantically. Your "roommate" looks at you with confusion, "the carpet will stain, go wash yourself." You tell it, it looks somehow even more confused. "Uhm here" you say getting up and walking towards the creature, motioning to follow. You lead the creature to the bathroom, you turn the bath handles to make a warm bath. After 3 minutes roughly the bath is full enough, "okay so get in" you say. The mimic cautiously touches the water with one of its gangly fingers, it flinches and swiftly pulls its hand away from the bath. And looks at you, "its okay, take your time." You say to it. It then steps one foot in, followed by the other. The water was slightly murky from the dirt on its feet, then the mimic sits in the bath. The water going a red colour, it looked at me. "Now just wash the blood off," you say to the thing handing it a foam sponge. The mimic begins washing itself, trying to get the blood off. "Okay im gonna give you some privacy, shout when you need me and dont make a mess please?" You ask walking out the door and shutting it, you go back to sitting in the living room and watching cartoons. (AaAaAaAaAaA) you jolt up at the inhuman yell, your "roommate" must be done bathing. You get up and open the bathroom door, "you done buddy?" you ask the mimic nods in response, "okay lets get you dry now." you say chucking it a towel, you pull the bath plug. You glance at your "roommate" as it dries itself, it hands you back the towel. "Thanks bud i'll wash this later" you say taking the towel and wiping up the small blood drops on the floor, you walk out of the bathroom and into the laundry room. You put the filthy towel into the laundry sink, and walk back to the mimic... it's not in the bathroom anymore, you instantly go to the living room and see it curled up on your couch. Sorta like a cat, and on the contrary its head stuck up like a dog seeing its owner. You plop yourself down next to the mimic, and get comfortable. Back to cartoons, it was peaceful. Just you and your horrifying, flesh-eating, humanoid roommate, you look down at it. It seems to be interested in the tv. You smile for some reason, your anxiety is gone you aren't worried about being eaten. You suddenly notice that the mimic is starring at you as well, actually it's glancing between you and your lap. "Need something bud?" You ask, starring at the mimic with endearment. Then suddenly it shifts, putting its head on your lap. Your startled by it, but calm down quickly. (Prrrrrrrr) a strange sound is emitted from somewhere, (prrrrr prrrrrr) there it is again. Your eyes dart around the room, then down at your new "roommate". You raise your hand to its chin to check for vibrations, the sound was coming from it. Was it purring? You notice its once bulging wide open eyes were now shut, the mimic's long gangly hand reached out. It hovered above your thigh In front of its face, it's hand flops down so its resting on your thigh. You shrug it off going back to watching cartoons, you feel relaxed. Despite the fact that a flesh eating humanoid monster was laying on your lap, you were calm. Infact you are so calm you... could probably.....sleep.

You drearily open your eyes, you expect to be on the couch but instead you were in your bed. Blankets on, alone. You heave yourself up to make dinner, your gonna have to get used to this new routine.

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