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Announcing SpaceHey Mobile

Hey there, everyone!

Today is a very, very special day. First of all, today is SpaceHey's third anniversary! Exactly three years ago, on November 26, 2020, I released the very first version of SpaceHey to the world.

3ʳᵈ Anniversary

When I launched SpaceHey, I wasn't sure if it was something people wanted - or if it would stay a small side project, like many projects and experiments I launched before that.

But even tho the very first version of SpaceHey hardly had any features, it grew incredibly quickly, and I started working on it pretty much full-time. Now, three years later, SpaceHey has over 800 000 profiles and is still growing rapidly. Meanwhile, I'm studying computer science at university, but still spend the majority of my time outside of uni working on SpaceHey.

In fact, over the past months, I've been tirelessly working on something which was requested since pretty much day one of SpaceHey. Something I haven't attempted to do before, because it seemed to be a HUGE amount of work (and it was). At the beginning, I wasn't even sure if it was possible to realize it the way I imagined - But here we are: After lots and lots of work, sleepless nights, and lectures I didn't pay attention to - it is completed: Version 1.0 of SpaceHey Mobile - the Android and iOS App for SpaceHey is here!

SpaceHey Mobile

Starting today, you have the choice about how you use SpaceHey: Continue to use the Web version we all love, use SpaceHey Mobile on your Smartphone, or use both: The App is fully synced with the Website.

Before I get into more details: If you want to download the App and play around with it, visit

What is SpaceHey Mobile exactly?

SpaceHey Mobile aims to look like an App from the early days of the smartphone era, and it allows you to customize your profile however you like (with custom colors, pre-made layouts or with custom code). It has never been easier to customize your profile on SpaceHey!

It also features the heavily used SpaceHey Instant Messenger (it makes chatting with your friends on the go so much easier!), it allows you to manage your Friend Requests and more.

More features in the App, like Bulletins, Blogs and Forums are coming soon! You can vote for your favorite ones directly in the App.

SpaceHey Mobile Screenshot
SpaceHey Mobile Screenshot
SpaceHey Mobile Screenshot
SpaceHey Mobile Screenshot

Not just another Social Media App

SpaceHey Mobile has the same aim as SpaceHey Web: Being privacy-friendly, no relying on any algorithms and not having any tracking - it's just a fun place to hang out online and be creative. You can fully customize your Profiles and view customized profiles from other people - no matter if they created their profiles on the Web or on Mobile.

The App tries to keep the nostalgic factor of SpaceHey alive, while using modern technology and privacy features. While developing the App, I spent a lot of time making sure the App is as lightweight and privacy-friendly as possible - and it paid off: the App is - depending on your device - below 10MB, loads super quickly, and doesn't track you.

If this sounds fun, download SpaceHey Mobile onto your phone and give it a try:

(Btw, the first 5k App users will get a fancy early-adopter badge on their profiles!)

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please write them in the comments below!
I hope you enjoy the App and have an awesome day! (And stay tuned: I'm already working on more new things: for both the Website and the App!)


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GoldTopCookie ルーク・タウンロウ /">

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Thats so cool - awesome work, thank you so much :)

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౨ৎ 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂 hamburg (randal)

౨ৎ 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂 hamburg (randal...'s profile picture

unrelated but pls bring back layouts 3

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Oktober Serenity

Oktober Serenity's profile picture

Downloaded it while I was setting up my profile page on the desktop. its a nice way to still visit the site, without ads interrupting my web browsing. Very nice job.

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²ºº³ xXx_zizicarodriguez_xXx ²ºº³

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It has a Java alternative app?

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This is SO cool! Just downloaded it :))))

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Dario Western

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I'm going to download the app for sure! Thank you so much. :-)

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♡ Lovelle ♡

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tana ✩ ! (my profile autoplays)

tana ✩ ! (my profile auto...'s profile picture

got the app fr

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I alr have the app on my phone!!! Im so excited for these future update :)

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I already have the mobile app, I just can't wait till you add more features! I'm excited for the upcoming features on the app - blogs, dark mode, ETC! Can't wait!

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(><)﹒mao﹒ 🏝️﹒

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can we get a W in the chat guys

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🕊️Hatti🕊️'s profile picture


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Vernon Mahoney

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heck yessss, thanks for making this! Just downloaded

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I just realised it wasn't available on phones before :1

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Sᥲtᥲᥒ ♡

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sunny ♡

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will this be avalible on android?

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yes, its available on google play!

by otorii; ; Report

yes, its available on google play!

by otorii; ; Report

yes, its available on google play!

by otorii; ; Report


𝖘𝖍𝖒𝖎𝖊's profile picture

YESS this is totally awesome. I love Spacehey and I'm excited to see it expanding this way without becoming like all the toxic meta apps

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This is the best thank you!!

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