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looking at my profile stresses me out idk how i'm supposed to condense everything abt myself into a few interests and a summary so I wanted to make a blog or smth.

Hi all. Most people call me Val or Emme, but any name works. At the time of writing this I am 19 and dreading the coming months in which... college. I'm sure I'll manage though.

I do a little bit of everything, music, drawing, writing, maybe soon voice acting and singing. I'm not... like, great at any of it, most of what I know is self taught due of me fucking around and throwing things at the wall until they stick. My music is weird, my art is rough, my writing is confusing, so on and so forth. Most of my work is related to projects i'm working on. I'm going to try to keep this short so if you're interested shoot me a msg or a comment! I swear I don't bite. I just talk a lot.

When it comes to interests, I can kind of get into anything. I watch some anime, with my favs being Evangelion and Overlord, I'll play just about any game (Current favs are Needy Streamer Overload & Class of 09.) , I'll listen to damn near any song, and I'll watch any movie that isn't centered around romance. Honestly? Most of my time I spend working on stuff related to aforementioned project, brainstorming, writing, the like. If i'm not at work I'm def at my desk

I don't really have a dni list. Anyone is welcome to interact, just don't be weird. I love everyone until they stab me in the foot. I'm a bit,,, shy? I don't usually interact first. If I sent you a request its bc I think you're cool and if i accept your request its probably bc i'd feel mean declining it. 

Most of my posts will probably be related to the junk i'm working on, stories, writing, questions about stories or writing, drawing, music, i'll probably have random sudden bursts of activity. Also bear w me i'm not exactly familiar w sites like this ifanyonecouldhelpmemakemyprofilelooksupercooli'dloveu4ever

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I’ll add you!

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