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Worried About Tomorrow

So SpaceHey is releasing something “big” and I noticed their account’s profile picture on Twitter was updated similar to the IOS 6 Mobile App Icon design.

It seems like they might launch SpaceHey mobile and I think that’s concerning to me. I have seen so many dumb posts that people have made on the blog tab, there’s already drama happening “BLOCK THIS PERSON” or “STOP ACCUSING THIS FELLA” like I can tell it’s going to be hectic for SpaceHey if the app launches tomorrow. 

I hope SpaceHey doesn’t get ruined by one of those annoying stereotypical Twitter/tumblr users. ESPECIALLY TIKTOK users. Lord have mercy on js

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I do harbor a longing for the previous era where exploration of the Internet required a certain level of skill to do so, as in, it was a hidden vault that one truly wanted to explore.

BitView and Spacehey certainly invokes that. No monopoly, just the actively working concept of one everday individual having a platform to express their ideas, in essence, what Web 2.0 was all about. I am concerned that general feeling will depart if Spacehey mobile is released, but I shall maintain this little lighthouse nonetheless.

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