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ABOUT ME!!! >.<

 HAIIIII :333!! you can call me wolfie girly or just annie, IM 16 YRS OLD!!! im in high school and ENGLISH ITS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAJE!!! so sowwy if i do any mistake, or typo..!!!1!1!1!! My favorite music artists are on my profile, if u want go check it out..!! i listen to almost everything... except country music... XDD!! i am REALLY WEIRD and really chronically online, im starting to think im a former NEET... i've surfing the internet since im 6 yrs old... i have seen everything!1!!!1!1 i also like writing poetry, even tough im not good at it!! im still learning. . .maybe i'll post some of my poems here..... idk:v IRL im really quiet.. i do have a small friend group but im.. a.. quiet girl.. XD!!Also im from mexico.. so i would like to have mexican mutuals too!!! I love MLP and my fav pony its fluttershy!!. I play some videogames.. like mario kart, Super smash bros, Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening, Mortal Kombat, FNAF, D4DJ, Roblox, TOTM, Minecraft & Pony town. Even tough im not good at some of them.. i like to play them.. ANYWAYS-- send a friend rq if u want to be my friend :33 i have discord too!! if u want my user dm me !! i'll tell u :3333!! 

IM SO BASED IM SO BASED i read Franz Kafka, Friederich Nietzsche, Charles Baudelarie, Sylvia Path, Alejandra Pizarnik, Oscar Wilde, Albert Camus, Fiodor Dostoievsky.. i do schizoposting, i scroll all day on 4chan -Pony imageboard, my fav music genre is indie music and im not good at maths... mmhmmm.. i also love strawberries!! and cats!! AND I HAVE A CAT!!!! and i have a few poems 'bout him!1 i'll post them someday... maybe in a couple of weeks.. IDK!! :PP

i think thats all... i will leave some of my social links !! if u want to follow me.. or stalk me.. :0..




and my D4DJ player ID! :3: nrEBdUVj - send a friend request!!

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