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Josh Hutcherson

Today I'm making a presentation on why Josh Hutcherson is the best in the world. Joshua Ryan Hutcherson was born 10/12/1992 and he is 5'5". 1. Josh is the best because he played Micheal in the FNaF movie. That speaks for itself :D 2. He was in the bridge to terabithia, that also speaks for itself. 3. he is very sexy 4. He has a production company called Turkeyfoot Productions 5. He loves photography. very real 6. he's a family man 7. He loves animals 8. He is skilled in marital arts, he can break that back 9. He is a very talented man (multilingual) 10. He doesn't hate gay people 11. He learned how to swim with a cast on after breaking his elbow 12. He has a made up language with one of his friends 13. He's a fan of reality tv. 14. He has 3 dogs and 2 cats 15. he said he COULD be gay so everyone has a chance fr !! thanks for coming to my ted talk <3 live laugh love josh hutcherson

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Oh dear, the question still remains.

Walter...where is your brother?

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