dream log 2


i rarely remember my dreams anymore, but every once in a while, one comes to me in vivid detail. yesterday night i dreamt i was in front of my old house's bathroom mirror, trying to scratch one of the moles off my face. this one was under my right eye. i scratched hard enough for my skin to break, but instantly a bright yellow, oil-like liquid started streaming out. it stained my jacket collar. i tried another mole, one right beside my nose, and this time abnormally dark blood, almost jet black, began dripping from my face. i tried to wipe it off, but when i touched the blood my hands became completely covered in it, and soon, they started bleeding too. after a while, i remember looking in the mirror just to see my face completely smeared in that terrible blood and bright yellow oil, and i woke up. 

...thankfully i dont think ive ever had a dream as morbid as this one, given that the last one i remembered was me eating cookies from starbucks. theres a first time for everything, i guess. 

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