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The L.S Dunes Controversy (Frank Iero and the A.I arts)

Frank Iero and the A.I arts

-what the fck is going on with this MV?-

On the 26th of September 2023, the L.S Dunes Twitter and Instagram accounts uploaded a 10 second clip of their upcoming music video "old wounds" this video was made using an A.I art generator, in the style of "regenerative A.I" (which can be viewed here) This clip spawned over 1200 comments on Instagram alone and an untraceable amount of retweets, comments and replies on twitter, all criticizing the use of A.I  by Dunes while having such a creative fanbase. 

the following day (27th of September, view the post here) addressing the outrage by fans, In a nutshell the post claimed to understand fans anger and why they might take offence to the use of A.I art, continuing to say that they have worked with both professional and amateur artists before, fans making digital pictures and renaissance style artists. multiple L.S members defended themselves in the comments, mostly led by Antony Green.

 they defended their use of A.I art by explain they hired a designer who worked with A.I art to generate images and graphics through text prompts, a job that does require some form of skill and training (the designer can be found under IAMMETHISISI on Instagram or here) as well as saying that the song is written about love and hate, growing up and watching online, fame and internet change people and the social idea, which is apparently the reason behind the choice of A.I.

 Fans still widely did not accept their explanation or apology and continued to press the band to change the music video. 

The music video for Old Wounds was uploaded to YouTube on September 30th to a passive comment section. many of which expressing their dislike for the A.I but wanting to move past it. 

On the 2nd of October the L.S Dunes twitter posted an apology saying that they love the music video but will not be using A.I art again and understand how it negatively impacts artists. which was mostly accepted by annoyed fans. 

so what do you think? do you accept this apology? personally i think that while A.I art is sltty, expecting a bunch of 43+ men who do not spend a lot of time online to understand the affects of A.I art is a little unreasonable, but the disrespect of fans criticism was unwarranted, as well as the amount of hate towards the members personally. the decision to post the video was strange but not unexpected. it would be nice to see a new <MV in the future, resulting in the taking down of the A.I video. 

Stay undead my loves - xokyl

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tbh i feel like it was all anthonys idea and the other didnt really understand a.i at all, based off of the twt accounts

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