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animal jam pw is stupid and here's why (rant)

Just a fair warning: If you like AJPW, good for you. I'm happy for you. I don't. Don't get upset at me for my opinion. Also, I sound like a total nerd in this, so just bare with me. :P

I honest to god do not care if its a kids game anymore, I swear play wild is the worst rendition of Animal Jam ever. How do you manage to take a perfectly good game, take everything that made it good, then turn it to absolute garbage?

I genuinely want to know what is there to do in that game.. At least with "classic" you have adventures, even if they get a little boring/tiring. There are 0 things to do in play wild that at least I know of. The treasure maps they had to get items was actually fun, but then they got rid of it. Don't you just love it when games get rid of their only fun feature? So rad...

It's like Club Penguin Island, but somehow worse. (Which is wild on its own, how do you manage to be worse than CLUB PENGUIN ISLAND?????) They just wanted to make a mobile 3d version of the game, which isn't bad on its own, until you completely flip the game on its head and turn it from a somewhat fun to a literal nothing burger of a game. 

MAYBE JUST MAYBE I'm missing something. I would love to know what I'm missing because from all the times I've played the game, nothing seems of interest to me. 

The only good feature I'll actually praise PW for is that you can purchase membership with sapphires, and it transfers to your classic account as well. Having an account that goes for both games is actually a really cool idea, and it makes my life a lot easier when I wanna get membership again. (Especially because I have wayyyyy too many sapphires...) That is the one thing I'll give it. Well, that and the Halloween event wasn't the worst? It was fun, sort of. I'll give it those things.

But I could look past all of those things. I could just chalk it up to 'Animal Jam just wanting to expand their game and fanbase to mobile.' I COULD'VE. IF they didn't make some of the stupidest decisions I've ever seen with the lore/alphas. 

(I'm going to sound like a huge ranting nerd from here on out, so just a fair warning.)

Hearing they got the best alpha in the game to resign in the lore actually annoyed the hell out of me. WHAT WAS THE ACTUAL REASON FOR MAKING GREELY RESIGN? What was the point? He actually drove the story forward. Now that there's really no balance in the alphas, what is the point? I loved the stories in the adventures where it would focus on Greely mainly, because he's really the only interesting character in the alphas. Everyone else in the alphas are a lot less complex than Greely's character. (At least, in my opinion.) All of the other alphas can really just be chalked up as just 'having a good character with a normal hobby/interest'. Although characters like that aren't bad on their own, once its everyone in the group, it gets a bit boring after a while. (With some exceptions here and there, but bare with me.) Greely was the only alpha in the group that didn't have the best character, which made the group more dynamic/diverse. However, even with that in mind, he still has his moments where he acts like a good role model in adventures, which makes his character even better in my opinion. 

But now that PW has just completely gotten rid of the character, the alphas are bland. The characters are static. Everything is just so... boring. That diversity that existed is completely gone. Not only did they make the entire game boring and dull, but the lore too? Seriously? This is why I miss classic so much, even though its still around. I'm just glad that that bs stays in PW and doesn't migrate to classic. (If it did, I swear.)

Moral of the story: PW is bland in my opinion. If you love the game, I'm happy for you. But personally, Classic>PW. At least Classic has things to do, and good lore. (for a kids game...!) Animal Jam just has a really special place in my heart, and seeing the story and game be trashed like this is annoying as hell.

Also while researching a bit for this rant, I found out that it's canon that Greely isn't allowed to watch PG-13 movies...? Isn't he a grown man??? He can almost die in a volcano but god forbid he hears a curse word in a movie, lol.

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