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My cats!

Hehe i have no idea what is going on :D

this is basically just a test, but ill tell you (who might just be future me) about my cats!!!!

First one is Midnight, full name Mr. Midnight, we got her around my fran bow phase and we thought she was a boy so it worked out almost perfectly on my part!! shes a VERY fluffy black cat, and her fur turns kinda brown in sunlight !! shes very silly, even *the* silly one could say, and she is very well behaved!! we didnt even have to train her or anything! though if we did, it wouldnt go very well because she does not like treats

Second is Bouncy!! also named by me, she just showed up at our door one day, after we fed her, she basically bounced all over hence the name :3 shes a very pretty grey stripy cat, but unlike Midnight she is very food motivated and she is a bit of a trouble maker, but i still love her so much!!!!!!!!! she also sometimes sleeps in my bed, but most of the time shes sitting in her bed under the stairs, very silly aswell!!!!!!!! also funfact; bouncy likes eating goldfish crackers

I love both of them so much <3333333333 cats are my fav animal

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Bouncey is litterally ao me frfr, very nice cars !!!!!

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