why, oh why did we ever abandon skeuomorphic designs?

The designs require designers to actually design instead of reviewing their kindergarten shapes lesson and putting gradients on said shapes

the argument of "skeuomorphic designs are hard to read from afar or on small screens" is stupid because minimalist designs can also be difficult to read under similar conditions or when viewed from up close

the designs are so abstracted under minimalism that they lose all meaning

besides, if a skeuomorphic design is good then you can read it from very similar restrictions as what minimalist designs are said to excel under AND under close scrutiny

my point being: minimalism is stupid and makes things look like shit

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Somewhere along the line, people forgot that abstraction starts from the concrete. That you must have something to abstract in the first place. It's a process. Doesn't help that people are terrified of the concrete, and run away from reality. Maybe that's why.

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perhaps it is so

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