Airport Aesthetic

I feel like every time I try to explain this concept I get seen as totally delusion but that’s just the best way to live imo. Anyways, yk the vibes that you feel when you’re an airport? THAT HITS DIFFERENTT LIKE. Idc what anyone says I want to live at the airport but not work there I just constantly want to walk around airports and feel the aesthetic. Ok now that I wrote this out I do sound a little crazy but as long as I’m happy in dell airport land that’s all that really matters <3

Tbh blogging is just an excuse for me to rant atp but whatever lol :”)

Peace and Love, 

pxra <3

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i love airports too!!! theyre so chill, u can walk around and get food at the in airport restaurants and peoplewatch. and they smell good and look cool. i hate flying itself but i love planes and airports, go figure. i also like office supply stores for a similar reason i think

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Rant some more. I guarantee you, I will read it (no matter how stupid you think it is)

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