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Catching up

OK SO I HAVE A LOT TO TALK ABOUT. Sorry I haven’t been on here in MONTHS, I kinda forgot and got really distracted with school and stuff. Shit happened last year but is all good now..I think? I came out to my brother and my mom, my brothers gf. It didn’t go well with my mom so I stayed at my sisters house for 3 days. I only came back for my sisters birthday and ever since she hates almost everything I do. I signed up for my dance team too, this year! It’s kinda embarrassing since all the popular girls come and record with their flash and everything, it makes the whole team nervous but we all still have fun though:3 For the longest time (7 months) I had a crush on my bsf, Nikki. I wrote, and drew about them. I have this long ass google doc just rambling about them and I did that to my bsf alexa too. I was really hurt to see them date someone else but I knew I couldn’t do anything about it so I let it go. I tried, and tried for me to stop liking Nikki. After they broke up I still tried and then this whole confession happened and BOOM WERE DATING. I was so fucking happy same with Alexa and my other partner (Luni). Speaking of them I had my first sleepover with them a few days ago too. It was so fun but awkward a little bit bc we don’t know how to ask eachother for physical affection and we tried giving eachother hints that we wanted to cuddle but it didn’t work😭 we kinda had to say it straight up. I recently moved in with my sister too bc I have no clue what happened to the housing we had so our only option is with family rn. But whoa, huge life update BAHHH. Anyways I will try to be more active on her as much as I can possible. 



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