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Debut Post

Greetings, all! As you have probably have read, this is my first blog entry on SpaceHey. I will admit, part of the initiation and html part threw me off at first but then when memories came flooding back of the time of my days of exploring the web back in the early 2000s, this felt like second nature within 30 minutes. I can understand the appeal of SpaceHey. I remember a time where people didn't have social media just because it was the way to become famous or earn big amounts of money. I remember social media being made to help connect with friends, meet new ones (while exercising healthy amount of caution of course. Stay safe, kids!), play some cute silly games like NeoPets, Webkinz, Club Penguin, watch funny videos on Stupid Videos, Newgrounds, and of course YouTube when it was a baby back in '05. What is social media now? Well... knowing what my audience here may be, I reckon you know what modern day social media is and how much you either hate it or love it. Up to you, really. I can't decide for you, I'm not your parent or guardian! :P 

Point is, if any one here is reading this and you're around my age (late 20s to early 30s), then I hope this site is bringing you much nostalgia, fun and ease like it is for me. As for the next generation, AKA Gen Z... buckle up. This is where the fun happened for us when we were young, it'll happen to you as well. Just remember to use common sense, don't trust anyone up front, and always to proper objective research--and that goes with everything. 

ANYWAYS! You probably want to know more about me! That's why you clicked on this. I won't delay any further now. I am geekygal94 but you may call me "geeky". I am approaching 30 next year and I work part time at a charitable non-profit organization. I hail from maple leaf land aka Canada and I have 2 cats, both boys named Milo and Arthur (Artie for short). I will share pictures of them in another post soon. I joined SpaceHey because I want to have fun. I don't want ads, no algorithms, no weird privacy/data things happening, no shadowbanning, no mass promoting a select few users out of many, none of that. I want to be able to log on and not feel stress, sad, mad, or guilt over mere posts. I want to be happy, excited, calm, relaxed, and be able to escape the real world just for a few minutes. That's all I could really ask for...and so far, this site is doing it for me. It's doing wonders for me! Heck I already noticed a decreased amount of time I spend on my phone in favour of hopping on my laptop and being on here instead! 

So yeah that's me in a nutshell really without getting too personal. Feel free to comment if you can relate or just want to say hello--but I won't accept negative/foul comments. Genuine bad vibes can stay off my page please and thank you. 

Toodles for now!

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