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bat story

 I was rereading my old blog posts and one of them reminded me of a recent experience I had, so I thought to get back into things I would make a blog post about this recent thing. Reading my old blog posts was cool, but I was like who would wanna read this? and also I should proofread stuff. anyways 

This weekend my mom decided to clean out the garage. She got a new shelf for the stuff in there. On sunday she called me out to the garage, she was like "come look at this!" and I said "what is it?" and she said "I don't know!". I went out and looked where she pointed. It was a little fuzzy brown thing hanging on a shovel on the wall. "That's a bat". She was like "oh you're right, I wasn't sure, I thought it might have been some kind of big beetle". That's ridiculous. I've never seen a beetle as big as that bat. The largest beetle species in North America is smaller than the bat in the garage. Anyways I was like omg be careful be careful. You have to be careful with bats. They can have rabies. A lot of people get rabies from bats. They can also have other diseases. You can get tested and treated for rabies but it's really expensive (at least in the US it can be). I consulted the internet and we decided we were gonna leave it alone and it would probably leave on its own come nightfall. It didn't. We checked the next day and it hadn't moved at all. My brother decided he was gonna do something. I was like noooo that's so stupid and unsafe you could get rabies. Let me call animal control and ask what they think we should do. I did call them, but the robot man was like "bleep bloop, if it is not an emergency go to the website" and before I could do that my brother was out there. He had a scarf on his head. My mom had said she was scared of it flying into his hair? I told him to put a shirt on and gloves on (he was wearing a tank top). He put on my button up which was in the laundry room, and some latex gloves which were in the garage. I told him it was stupid. I got in the car to watch what happened. He chickened out, so I went back to what I was doing, but then he chickened back in. It turns out the bat was dead the whole time. Got it's little foot stuck in the shovel, or maybe just died perched there. My mom was watching my brother try to scrape the little bat off of the shovel handle. I went in to get my phone to take a picture of the bat, but when I went back out my brother had already buried it in the front yard.

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You sure the bat wasn't hybernating?

I remember seeing bats flying around near the balcony
during summers, they were quite the high pitched squeekers

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I considered it, but when we took it out of the garage we were quite sure it was dead. It doesn't get very cold where I live anyways. My brother had to pry it off of the shovel with another shovel

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