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story time <3

prospero turned and took a long hard look at his friend.

"why are you asking me these things?" fear suddenly leapt into his heart, "oh my god..please dont tell me youre in on it...."

     "in on..?" King stopped and smiled."you think im a snitch for stark? You think im a snitch for your dad?"

     prospero was too frightened to say anything. He felt so lost.Totally lost.He wished he still had the stone carving of his god but stark had took that away from his his first day at ballard.

    King nodded."yeah i can see how shit-scared you are right now.You're paronoid as fuck right  and i dont blame you. Your dad-your own fucking dad- sold you out and he's keeping you here as a slave.That's some rough shit. And you're a cash cow for stark.Your dad must be shoveling gold at him." King shimmied closer."Now, you listen to me,man,and you listen good. I dont give a high flying shit about much.I hate my family and i hate everyone in this shit hole of a place.I'd burn it down to the ground if i had somewhere to go. And yeah that fucked up becuase i dont ave anywhere else to go.. You want to know how many times i have laid in my bunk and thought about killing myself?I could do it too. There are a lot of way to do it right and i know them all.Heres the thing,though;you want to know why i havnt hopped on the night train? You want to know the only god damn reason im alive?"

     He poked prospero in his chest.

     "you. Laugh if you want to.Make fun of me, or do whatever but its true. You are the only friend ive ever had,Thats sad too.Cry me a river but there it is..Since you came here its been you and me.I dont like anyone elseand i sure as shit dont trust anyone else.You and me prospero, a couple of rejects kicked to the curb by everyone whos suppose to give a damn.Sad story. someone should make a movie.Girls would cry buckets."

     He poked him again.

     "now you want to start thinking im with them? Really?Me? Holy fuck prospero , you want to go and do me like that?"

     There were tears in kings eyes.

     "you're my brother," he said almost snarling the words."youre the only one who ill ever give a shit about. We live int eh storm lands man."Dont you cut me loose now.Dont let me fucking drown..not now.."fuck i'd die for you.."

     it took a lot for prospero to move, or want to move, but then he did. He lifted his aching arms and wrapped them around the weeping boy's shoulders.He held him.

     And it occured to him that he had never held anyone like this before, not even his mother..

     King kept repeating what he said.

     "id die for you.."

     After a long,long  time, prospero whispered something to him.A statment and a question.A counter to kings promise.

     "i dont want you to die for me.." he said. "but would you kill for me..?"

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I’m giving you my scholarship bro.

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what no i dont want it i only write for fun when im bored TOT

by ^/J@xx L33\^; ; Report


by •Mattheo ™; ; Report

no bitch ToT ew no i wanna be the teacher youre the writer,, all for our lil book club memebers ToT

by ^/J@xx L33\^; ; Report

I guess

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by ^/J@xx L33\^; ; Report


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its jsut a writing promt i found there fun ToT

by ^/J@xx L33\^; ; Report


by •Mattheo ™; ; Report

its not that hard lve find a writing prompt and write a short story abt it ToT

by ^/J@xx L33\^; ; Report