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i honestly dont even know how to explain this

basicly, lets start from almost the beggining. i changed schools in september, and i've met some really cool people (some of them have turned out to be just really fake) and there is this one girl, that i thought that we might be like best friends or something because i didnt really have one in middle school, and things were going great, we talked so much and stuff, but one day everything just turned upside down, and she started ignoring me to the point that after like maybe  a month or less, she completly started to ignore me even if i was sitting next to herand then she wwould make up excuses that she didnt see me( she literally ran to my "friend" which started to ignore me first that sat next to me) and it was going on and on and on, and one day i talked about it with my other friend and she told me that she feels like they (there's more) keep ignoring her too and stuff and we talked about that and yup. and then about like 3 weeks later maybe 4, we both find out that this whole time they had a gc where they were talking shit about us, and then i found out that one of them tried to convince half of her friend group, that I, MYSELF tried to set the friend that told me they wwere ghosting her all the time, against that one girl. so it happened like on monday and then on tuesday wwe had a huge argument, and this b was literally playing victim, and said that i was the one tAlking shit about everyone to everyone, which is totally not true, because all i said was that im just gloomy because they all keep ignoring me and that i tried to make some new friends and i really tried hard to make them but they didnt want me to be their friend (as i suppose), thats all i ever said to someone, and she said she didnt do anything which, was also totally false, she tried to convince everyone that i was setting someone against her. and wwell my other friend had the agrue with her too, they stopped talking for a few hours but, but then the next day i get the information that she made up with her and that its all good now, and i know i cant do anything with it bc yea its her decision, but now im worried that im going to be the bad guy in this whole situation, and i honestly am so done with everything that idek what to do atp

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