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tw mention of throwing up

I juzt puked x( i ate mcdonaldz and I got zick ughh..

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Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon, I know it's gross and all that, but what color was your regurgitation? This is, yes, important for some biomedical reasons. You don't have to tell me if you don't feel comfortable.

If you still feel sick there's a wide variety of ways to solve that one.

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Uhmm.. I really can’t remember. It was likez a uh. I cannot remember but it waz a dark color x(

by Sc3n3_B1TCH_XD; ; Report

Ok, was it green-ish? Like a piece of roasted seaweed? Or was it more on the side of blackish-reddish, like expired steak?

by Markovich; ; Report

not zo zure, zorry :(

by Sc3n3_B1TCH_XD; ; Report

Don't worry that's fine.
If anything was green, you're probably fine. It was probably some indigestion/minor food poisoning, if you have stomach aches, nausea, sweating, gut discomfort, any further vomiting, diarrhea, or anything coming out green, then this was definitely the case.

However, if you see anything red, pink, black (pitch black), or brown, especially coming out dark brown, see a medical professional immediately, especially if including, but also if exhibiting the isolated symptoms of confusion, dizziness, sudden tiredness and sleepiness, severe coughing, shortness of breath, arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat(s)), heart palpitations, respiratory distress, etc cetera.

Basically, though, you should be fine if it's green.

Treatments vary, but I would suggest remaining as hydrated as you can, avoiding eating citrus-ey/acidic foods for awhile, having a rest and trying to not exhaust yourself. If symptoms don't subside within a few hours, you may elect to take some over-the-counter medicines. If this is the case, follow the directions on the label, don't double it up. If symptoms don't subside within a few days or symptoms/pain increase in severity, see a medical professional with medium priority.

I hope this helps!

by Markovich; ; Report

thank you!! I feel better anywayz.. I’ll probz be finez :3

by Sc3n3_B1TCH_XD; ; Report

thank you!! I feel better anywayz.. I’ll probz be finez :3

by Sc3n3_B1TCH_XD; ; Report